Securing a forward-thinking and solution-focused temporary assistant is often high on priorities when executives enter the market for a new assistant. So how can you deliver your best self in such a short amount of time?

The need for a temp can strike at any moment or may be part of a longer route to a permanent hire.

Often businesses experience unexpected absences, busy periods, or skills shortages during specific projects that require additional assistance. This need identifies the space for a temporary staff member to ensure the business remains on track or even gets ahead.

To best match candidates and clients, both must have good communication with their staffing agency. Through having strong communication, agencies have greater ease in finding positive cultural matches between clients and candidates to secure content bookings on either side.

When working as a temporary assistant, it is necessary to have the equipment necessary to deliver an instant impact in the day-to-day running of the executive, or executives. As temps are often joining the business for a short period, the time spent introducing systems and processes must be kept efficient and effective, this means to deliver the most value possible in a short period requires focus and attention to detail.

Temp staff members are often well-organised and methodical, with experience and practice working within fast-paced learning environments.

Often adopting a logical approach to their support function, temporary assistants, receptionists, and administrators usually are experts within their ability to prioritise. This proactive approach means that temp assistants are integral parts of delivering success at all points available within processes. Fantastic temps are often flexible and enthusiastic in each step of their booking to collaborate with people across the business.  

The flexible nature of temporary staff means that their applications can be tailored to each booking to ensure that executives and senior members of staff interviewing are witnessing the full-extent of assistance that can be provided. Even though positions often evolve into longer temp bookings than initially considered, and also develop into temp-to-perm hires, employees benefit from the strategic advantages from working as a temp, including robust experience with various tasks and responsibilities.

Ideal Qualities


When working as a temp employee, it is imperative that you demonstrate trustworthiness as a core quality of your personality to fulfil employee discretion and conduct professional demeanour within the workplace. As temporary receptionists, assistants, and administrators are often working with relatively confidential information, sensitivity and subtlety become core makings of temp employees.

These soft skills are often demonstrated within many forms, as central points of contact within the company, temporary staff build relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. Due to the importance of handling highly sensitive material and information with discretion and confidentiality, employers seek professional temp staff who can build a trusting rapport with their employer.


Enthusiasm, self-motivation, flexibility and drive is expected of all support staff to perform the day-to-day running of the office and individual’s busy schedules. When providing support, it is important to maintain a positive and open demeanour to ensure that employers can approach you with tasks that will provide the opportunity to outperform expectations.  


Modern support staff’s positions are increasing in variety, moving from Executive and personal tasks, to travel plans, to arranging meetings, and much more. Due to this wide-spread level of responsibility, temporary and permanent support staff must be organised to successfully succeed expectations.

This approach allows business support staff to fulfil each of the responsibilities that fall into their remit and manage each new task that comes their way.


The proactive assistant seeks out solutions to potential problems that may arise. This commercial focus to resolve issues in their wake, with strategies and practices in place to deal with unexpected situations is highly sought-after within both the permanent and temporary market.

Within office support positions, a proactive nature to building positive relationships, organisation, and problem-solving within the workplace makes the Career Moves temporary placements stand-out from the rest of the market.

The solution-focused temp

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