I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than hosting one of the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summits. 

We had almost 500 Assistants book on, but we know that many of our subscribers were not able to join us, so I thought I would do a bit of a summary of the day.

Last Friday’s Virtual Summit had to be one of my favourite ones so far. We had twelve brilliant sessions and a full day, and we had sessions on such a variety of topics.

One thing that strikes me after every Virtual Summit is how incredibly varied the Assistant role has become. 

Can you think of many other professions that can include, in a one-day online training session on Artificial Intelligence, Excel spreadsheets, communication, setting goals and networking? 

We do all of this on a typical day, so it is never hard for us to find sessions to fill a full day of online training for Assistants. But we have to find the best trainers and Assistants and again, I would like to thank all of our presenters: they were excellent. 

We feel honoured that so many Assistants can invest the whole day to watch the Virtual Summit LIVE. Knowing we have people who have taken a full day off to attend the event is one of the main drivers for us to put together such a varied day. 

It is also one of the reasons we are keen to make sure that people who weren’t able to join live don’t miss the content. You can access all of the sessions until the end of 2019.

We get to do this online training again! 

During the Virtual Summit, one of the attendees posted in the lively chat, that the best thing about the summit was that “we can all access the sessions again” We think that is super important. Being able to revisit all of the sessions ensures that our Assistants can get much more out of each session. 

From the very first session, the benefit of revisiting each session was evident. Anel’s presentation about the importance of the “connection economy” was packed full of incredible tips. 

Anel is, in my opinion, one of the best trainers around. Her session covered so much, and I will undoubtedly be watching the session again. The following clip explains how and why we have to reassess our “future” skills. It was a great way to start the September summit.

We always try and include a session or two on career development and the session from Laura went down very well. Here are the TEN QUESTIONS she suggested you ask yourself about your career.

 The low down on the September Virtual Summit

Next up we had one of our most popular trainers Shelly Fishel.

She is SO popular we have now had the pleasure of her training four times! And I was not surprised to have the attendees ask her to do a session on other tools within the office environment. Shelly is talking about PowerPoint in November.

I then did a session on networking and then a great interview with Matthew about dealing with a remote boss. I have decided to put this up for free on our Youtube channel, so why not head there now and subscribe.

It was interesting to see how many online attendees had a remote boss. I expect to see this increase year on year:

The low down on the September Virtual Summit

We were keen to have Jeremy Burrows speak about AI. Is there anyone on the planet better to talk about AI than an Assistant who is helping to develop an AI Assistant?

This was one of my favourite sessions. Jeremy does so much for the profession, so please do check out his podcast.

Next up was Heather Baker and she had a few great tips on communication. 

Helen Monument had a great session on leadership. All too often assistants don’t recognise the leadership roles they already have, and this was a great session to help us first understand what leadership really is, and then to identify how we can boost our leadership roles.

Julie Perrine’s session was practical. It was great to see how useful her approach has been and obviously, how successful she has become with her “bright, cheerful and inspiring” tools!

Annie Cromer had another very practical session, and I am sure will have attendees revisiting her session again, and again. I know I will.

The low down on the September Virtual Summit

We always like to have some personal stories of success, and it was brilliant to be able to follow Dimitra Zographos’s “EA Journey”. Dimitra has a distinguished career to date and has learned so much. We love having these personal sessions on the programme. 

Veronica Richard’s covered one of the most critical elements of career development: how to move into a new sector. It was a great look at the “how not to be pigeon-holed.” 

So many of us feel like that. I moved from the not for profit sector to the private sector, and I always see this as a significant personal and professional success. 

And with that, seven hours of September’s Virtual Summit had passed.

We had almost 500 assistants book on, and we’ve already had hundreds of views of the sessions again. 

We have decided to keep the summit available until the end of October. So if you didn’t get a chance to watch live, you can still access the brilliant content until the end of 2019.

To access the Virtual Summit, click here and get started on over 12 hours of fantastic training for Assistants.

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