An Executive once said to me “you are the glue that holds the department together, you create the culture.” She was so right, part of my role was to help motivate the department. I organised all of the social events, I helped everyone that was new to the team and I answered everyone’s questions and supported their projects. So I was absolutely there to help motivate the staff and I think this is true of most Assistants. There are lots of different initiatives that you can implement which will help you motivate your colleagues. Today I want to look at technology to help motivate staff. Each of these solutions will help bring your team together and ensure that everyone feels motivated in their roles.

Technology to help motivate staff

Collaboration Tools 

Most organisations are now using collaboration tools to bring staff together, either through project work, communications or document management. Being able to work closely with your colleagues, find the documents you need and communicate easily and effectively really does help keep staff motivated. Making the working day easier and more management makes people productive and happy! There are loads of amazing collaboration tools available. Here are just a few suggestions:

Providing Feedback 

Getting feedback on how everyone feels is often done just through conversations in and around the office and of course, in the bar afterwards. However, there are a lot of tools out there now that can help collate feedback and analyse the results. Understanding how everyone feels and actually taking action when there are issues really does make a difference. Here are the five tech tools to help gather employee feedback, comments, objectives and much more.


Taking your teams personal and professional development seriously is a simple way to motivate your staff. It shows that the organisation wants to see the workforce improve and expand their skillsets. It also helps the organisation develop – so it is a no-brainer really! There are lots of great e-learning platforms available that offer amazing training programmes (some are available that can tailor the training to specific industries and sectors).

Reward and recognition 

People want to be recognised for a job well done and really this is the best way to keep staff motivated. Again there are platforms available that can help businesses select great rewards for staff. Here is a selection: