This week’s Technology of the Week: Time Zone Ninja

What is Time Zone Ninja?

Time Zone Ninja is a straightforward tool that helps you schedule international meetings.

Technology of the week: Time Zone Ninja

What does Time Zone Ninja do?

The interface on Time Zone Ninja is straightforward to use, firstly, select your location and the location of your attendees, and then the meeting date and preferred time. Then press the ‘find the ninja hour’ button, and the technology will produce a timetable with a selection of the best possible times for all of the attendees. This is an entirely free app, and it is super helpful when scheduling online meetings and conference calls.

Why does Time Zone Ninja benefit Assistants?

I was talking to an Assistant the other day who told me she often had to schedule meetings between Dubai, London, Sydney and San Francisco, which was a total nightmare. To work out the next time, she would use Google to search for the different time zones and then work out who was less likely to be annoyed with a crazy time for the meeting.

This is a total time suck for most Assistants, and TimeZone Ninja is my favourite platform that helps work out the right time for a meeting. You add your location, the date and time and then add the additional attendee’s locations, then a fancy algorithm works out the best time to arrange the call.

Why is it technology of the week?

Time Zone Ninja is such an easy platform to use and will save you a ton of time. I recommend it.