This week’s Technology of the Week: the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad

What is the Rowrite Smart Writing Pad?

The RoWrite, by Royole, brings the traditional notepad into the digital age to capture ideas, notes, and drawings. You can edit, enhance, and even erase your creations in real time, or after you’ve pressed save, when connected to an iOS® or Android™ device with the free RoWrite App. You can share your work with colleagues, a line manager or other stakeholders. It includes an elegant, functional folio to protect your RoWrite device and pen.

What does the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad do?

The RoWrite allows you to write on a paper pad using an ink pen, with a sense pad underneath that captures your notes, charts, or sketches electronically in a compatible app. You can share your thoughts in real time in a meeting, or send notes or sketches to colleagues afterwards. The app allows you to edit what you have written, (or sketched) if you want to make a change or feel you have something to add.

Why does it benefit Assistants?

Typing on a keyboard during meetings can be distracting and inefficient when compared to taking notes on paper. Using the RoWrite lets you focus on what’s being said, and handwritten notes can improve information retention. You can quickly add symbols, shapes or diagrams to your notes. Everything is saved digitally and stored in one place. You can organise digital pages by date or subjects, merge multiple pages, or edit using the RoWrite app and then share with colleagues. And, with Convert to Text, one click takes your handwritten notes and converts them to editable text.

The RoWrite would be beneficial for creative Assistants who use charts, process maps, flowcharts or sketches in their meetings. Rather than having to recreate these drawings in Word, PowerPoint or Excel, you can simply amend your drawing from your notes and share it quickly.

Why is it Tech of the Week?

Well, you have the chance to try out the RoWrite in person at the PA Show in London, 26-27 Feb 2019. The RoWrite is being featured on the stand of approved UK supplier, Moores of London. Visit stand E120 to meet their team and try out the RoWrite for yourself.

Technology of the week: the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad

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