This week’s Technology of the Week: Sortd

What is Sortd?

Sorted is an add-on feature and chrome extension for Gmail. It allows the user to drag and drop emails into customised columns so that you can prioritise and sort your emails.

What does Sortd do?

Sortd lets you organise your emails into a to-do list so that you can prioritise your emails, add them to categories or projects and keep a track of responses. It also allows you to make notes and keep a task list in your sidebar. Here is a video from Sortd on all of the features. The feature allows you to click back into the normal Gmail view at any time.

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Why does Sortd benefit Assistants?

We all get a lot of emails and Sortd is a great tool that can really help you prioritise your inbox. If you work on a lot of projects you can set up columns so that your emails can be placed straight into a project track – again, helping you prioritise and sort what is important. You can have the same columns as your Executive so that you are working together. If you use a shared inbox, you can flag and mark emails as completed.

Why is it technology of the week?

I really like that you can set this up on your Executive’s email so that they can see what you have replied to, actioned and what your Executive needs to reply to. It is a really useful way to work together on getting through all of those emails!