This week’s Technology of the Week: Slido

What is Slido?

Slido is an easy to use question and answer and polling platform for events and group meetings.

Technology of the week: Slido

What does Slido do?

Slido gives a voice to the audience at live events. Events can be set up in under a minute, and participants can join the event by going to and entering a simple code. Slido connects speakers and the audience by providing an easy way for participants to ask questions (anonymously if preferred), vote on polls and upvote questions from others so that the most popular rise to the top. Slido is used at large conferences and internal meetings, from team presentations and offsite to town hall events with CEO Q&A. More than 220,000 events across over 130 countries have used Slido to create excellent audience interaction and open a two-way conversation between the speaker and the audience.

Technology of the week: Slido

Why does Slido benefit Assistants?

Slido helps Assistants that need to create interaction and engagement at events they organise, whether internal or external. It is easy to set up and manage and provides insightful data on interaction at events which can be used for reports.

Why is it tech of the week?

Slido is an easy to use platform that can make a big difference in audience participation. We used it at our Future Assistant conference recently, and it helped to source questions and increase interaction with both our physical attendees and our online audience.