This week’s Technology of the Week:

What is

Duuoo is a performance management system that aims to put people and purpose at the forefront of all staff appraisals and performance reviews.

What does do?

Duuoo helps staff seamlessly execute 1-on-1s, reviews, ad hoc feedback and structured 360 feedback throughout the year. There are different tracks available, depending on the needs of the staff and the teams. Duuoo’s Tracks are a combination of different meeting types and feedback moments. Duuoo acknowledges that every team works and performs differently. The software allows users to set goals, objectives give feedback and manage review season. Duuoo integrates with lots of other office software include Slack, Google and Outlook.

Why does benefit Assistants?

Managing performance review season and mid-year reviews for all of your Executive’s direct reports can be pretty time-consuming. Duuoo completely streamlines that process. Your Executive’s role is to lead their staff and manage their happiness in the workplace and having software in place that helps that process throughout the year will make your Executive a better leader.

Why is technology of the week?

Performance reviews should be about the member of staff who is under review. It should focus on their goals, objectives and happiness in the office, but so often the review process is a tick-box exercise at best. Duuoo is an excellent piece of software that enables constant review and feedback throughout the year, honest conversations and goals that actually reflect and enhance the development of staff. I love it!