This week’s Technology of the Week: Boomerang

What is Boomerang?

Boomerang is a productivity tool with a lot of features that help users manage their emails (both Gmail and Outlook).

What does Boomerang do?

Boomerang makes a whole load of productivity products that are all excellent and that work for both Gmail and Outlook.

You can use the software to schedule an email to send later and respond at a different time. It also brings up reminder emails from a few days ago depending on the schedule that you have set.

My favourite feature is the reminder note you can receive if you haven’t replied to an email for a few days or received a reply to an email you have sent.

You can install the software for your email account – that is Gmail or Outlook – and then using their technology change the email so that it is written in a way to maximise the chance of a response.

Technology of the week: Boomerang

Why does Boomerang benefit Assistants?

Using something like this will help your productivity because how often do we send emails starting ‘as per my last email..’ I think I can see a few heads nodding! Boomerang has a lot of features that are worth checking out. I use the software and have found it useful for email management and just remembering to do stuff!

Why is it the technology of the week?

This is one of the best tools you can download to help manage your email inbox. Well worth getting for all Assistants.