This week’s Technology of the Week: Airtable

What is Airtable?

Airtable takes the best aspects of spreadsheets and databases and puts them together. Using Airtable you can create visually appealing spreadsheets to calculate data, store information and make lists but also use it as a Customer Relationship Management tool, task tracker or project planner.

What does Airtable do?

Here is an introductory video from Airtable.

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Airtable documents look and feel like a typical spreadsheet, but you can also add lots of additional information such as photos, checkboxes, maps and star ratings. You can link tables with other tables and work across multiple bases as they are called in Airtable. The search function is excellent and works across all spreadsheets stored for you or your team. Airtable also has a feature called Blocks which allows you to automate specific tasks from their platform. So for example, if you use Airtable as a contact database, you can add a block which will allow you to send a text message to people on the contact database. Pretty cool huh!

Why does Airtable benefit Assistants?

Airtable can make you super organised, and what is not to love about that! Once you sign up (there is a free option and paid for features), you will see that Airtable comes with lots of templates that will help you organise a variety of tasks from organising a bookshelf to planning a marketing campaign. Even if you don’t use the other features with Airtable the templates can add so much value, for example, Airtable would be useful for planning business trips, team events, onboarding. The list is endless!

Why is it technology of the week?

I’ve just started using the templates, and I love them. I can’t wait to see what else Airtable has to offer for Practically Perfect PA.