We all know how challenging it can be to plan your Executive’s schedule. Everyone wants some of their time, and there are only so many hours in the day. It is a massive part of the Assistant role, and we do have to work hard to juggle all of the meeting requests with the time your Executive spends outside of meetings actually getting their work done (or eating, or seeing their family!). Technology really can help with schedule, it certainly can’t do everything, but it can help free up your time a lot. When it comes to scheduling, I recommend that you embrace the technology available. Here is a great list to get you started.

Tech to help you plan your Executive’s schedule

  • Calendly – This is the best meeting calendar to let other people schedule meetings based on the time available in the diary.
  • Doodle – Set up a poll so that everyone can pick an available date and time.
  • Rescue Time – Keep track of how long meetings take so that you can decide if they are productive and necessary.
  • Google Calendar – Our calendar of choice. Loads of great extensions and easy collaboration tools.
  • Vyte – Meeting scheduler that integrates with Google Calendar and provides lots of extra options for diary management.
  • X.ai – AI for meeting and diary scheduling. Create your Assistant to help answer all the back and forth emails to get the meeting in the diary.
  • Freebusy – Another AI tool that speeds up the scheduling process.
  • Office Tracker – Get the entire organisation’s schedules on the same platform so that you can all see what each other are doing. This includes meeting rooms.
  • Plan – Part calendar, part project manager, part collaboration tool.
  • Productive APP – This App helps you build routines so that you can help your Executive create good habits and be more productive.
  • Time Tree – A great shared calendar app for families. If you are managing a household, this is the app for you!
  • Timepage by Moleskin – If you like the Moleskin notebooks and productivity methodology, this app follows the same principles, and it looks beautiful.
  • Cozi – If you manage a large household and work with a busy family, this is another excellent shared calendar app.

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Tech to help you plan your Executive's schedule