I’ve always been a bit dubious about using audio recording to help me be more productive, I usually prefer to stick to well good old fashioned pen and paper but as I’ve been using more technology I’ve started to realise how helpful it is. So I thought about what technology can help with minute taking – which is such a big task for Assistants and discovered Otter.AI

It is, without doubt, the most accessible and most advanced platform in this space. It has lots of features including

Recording conversations right from your phone or computer. You can import or sync recordings from other services, and it integrates with Zoom.

The technology transcribes the audio. If you have a video with the sound, it adds real-time captions, and once you have ended the recording you receive a searchable transcript which is synced with the audio, it shows different speakers and key phrases that have come up throughout the conversation.

The transcription is accurate, it still needs to be proofed, don’t get me wrong, but actually, it is excellent. So how to use it. Well if you have to sit in a meeting, you can record from your phone or laptop and then review the transcript and pull out the useful information for the minutes.

If your executive has the app on their phone they can record every meeting, the transcript goes to you to again pull out tasks, and any follow-up actions they need to make.

If you haven’t thought about using audio before to help with task management or speeding up your minute taking, now might be the time. The free package gives you 600 minutes of transcription.

Here are four more tools that will help with taking dictation in 2019

Apple Dictation: If you are asked to record a quick note or type up a short email by dictating the message, look no further than your iPhone. Most Apple products come with Apple Dictation technology. The functionality has improved dramatically over the last few updates and is simple to use. As most of us have an iPhone, this is dictation technology already in our hands.

Dragon: Dragon by Nuance is the leading voice recognition software on the market. With a recorded 99% accuracy this technology really will automate dictation and minute-taking. If you are asked to write minutes for long meetings, then it is worth investing in this software because of the high level of accuracy.

GBoard: Similar to Apple Dictation, GBoard is the equivalent for Android products. This technology is excellent for quick dictation. Ask your Executive to speak into the phone, and it will dictate the message and then can be added to an email or message.

Google Docs Voice Recording: The voice recorder is easy to use and is built into Google Docs which means you don’t need to download any further software, switch on the voice recording function in the tools section and off you go. As you speak, you will see your words appear on the screen.

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  • Kenny Wong May 1, 2019  

    Thanks for the insights. Transcription accuracy and pricing has improved in recent years to be within reach for the mainstream user. We’ve struggled ourselves with the burden of catch up work at the end of a day of meetings with or without the saving grace of having an EA’s support. Transcription alone only captures the raw input and doesn’t help enough. Effortlessly teasing out the tasks from that transcribed audio and assigning them to the right people with appropriate tags such as deadlines and teams would boost productivity for both the exec and the EA.