Let’s be honest… Business travel can be a nightmare. Dozens of emails a week with travel requests, questions about itineraries, last minute changes, and scheduling complications. But there is good news! Better travel management can minimise emails and streamline the entire process. And it can be done in 5 easy steps… Read on!

1. Outline what’s important

Business travel is one of the most complex expenditures of any business. Each trip has different goals and purposes, and each person involved with the trip has different priorities. Business travellers want a wide choice of booking options and to travel in comfort. Travel managers need a process which saves time, and a travel policy that works. Finance needs instant access to all travel spend to be able to make budget decisions in real time.

These priorities and concerns are given. Therefore when making changes to your business travel management process, start by listing out all of these factors in detail, so it’s clear from the beginning what it needed.

2. Use a self-booking platform

Taking care of your business travellers is key to a successful travel management program. If your team isn’t happy, then the process isn’t working.

One thing that travellers absolutely love is the ability to book for themselves, especially without having to double check company policy. They can choose the options they want, without having to write long and complicated emails or bother you. Win-win!

3. Automate the policies and approvals process

When choosing your travel booking platform, make sure it allows travellers to book within policy automatically through the platform, or to save desired trips that an administrator can then finalise, if you need more control. This way, an office manager or travel manager can review, inside the platform, which requested bookings are incomplete. No more email!

Make sure the tool is adaptable so your travel policy can be flexible or strict—dependent on your company culture and unique travel needs. The tool should fit your company, not the other way round!

(Here’s a handy template to get you started on writing a company travel policy)

Streamline your business travel management in 5 steps

4. Provide travellers with access to direct support

We’ve all been there… receiving calls at all times of the day and night from our travellers who are in a crisis! Missed flight, forgotten passport, anything.

Why not give business travellers direct access to a travel support team? Some businesses work with a travel agency, but this doesn’t allow for the self-booking process that travellers love. It is possible to outsource travel support without having to sacrifice self-booking. Use a booking platform like TravelPerk that includes quality 24/7 support for every trip, and you and your travellers will breathe easier.

5. Optimize travel spend

Business travel can be a very complex expense, so some companies have absolutely no knowledge of its current costs.

Having immediate insight into travel helps finance track spend and make better-informed decisions throughout the year, allows administrators to safely track travellers’ whereabouts, and to make informed updates to future travel policy.

Therefore you should choose a travel management tool that has reporting built in, allowing every team to easily track data on travel.

Streamline your business travel management in 5 steps

With TravelPerk, you can implement all 5 steps directly on their all-in-one platform, saving you time, making your travellers happy, and allowing finance to access travel spend on demand.

Sign up for TravelPerk to easily book and manage business travel in one place, to empower travellers with self-booking, and to get 24/7 support.

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