I am thrilled to be presenting a session for Practically Perfect PA at their Virtual Summit on April 5th and so happy to write this blog post in anticipation of the event. I will be presenting my top time busting tips for Microsoft Office.

Make sure you have a notebook and pen – you will want to make a note of what I am sharing with you so that you can implement it straight away!

Here is a sneak peek at what is included in the session – you really won’t want to miss it.


Set up the brand colours

You have a brand, or your organisation has a brand along with house style and colours.

When you click on the colour palette, you see the standard colours however you really want to choose from your brand colours.

Every time you create a presentation for your director/manager/boss/client/whoever, you find that you need to change the colours. It can get very tedious.

Did you know that you can set up the colours in PowerPoint so that you don’t have to keep changing them? This is one of those things that we will cover in the session. You will see how to create a colour scheme and how you can switch between different schemes for different purposes.

Add Icons

A while back Microsoft added the ability to use Icons in your presentations. They are very cute and easy to insert. There is a whole library of them, and they can be customised according to your colour scheme, resized and generally used to add huge pizazz to your presentation. We will see just how to insert them and modify them too.

Add a timeline

Have you ever wanted to add a visual representation of a timeline in PowerPoint? Perhaps it is the timetable for a book launch or a conference? I am going to show you exactly how to create one with just a few clicks. No more faffing around with shapes, lines and text!


Fill in a list of event times automagically

Yes, I know that automagically is not really a word, but for me, it sums up what Autofill does beautifully.

Using Autofill a list of days of the week, months or dates can be created without much effort. However, most people are unaware of some of the more intricate things it does – like create a list of event times perfectly spaced according to your wish! Magic!  I will show you how!

Make a sum add up

Now I know that this may sound trivial. However, it is essential to understand the basics of how sums are built. This forms the basis for all formula that you will ever create in Excel and so it is imperative to understand the structure of a sum.

Make your lists look gorgeous in Excel

You have a long list of names and addresses or a table of data, and it looks boring!  Have you ever seen those lists that look amazing? With colours, banded rows and columns, headings that stand out, borders and shading? You probably thought it takes hours to create. Well, I am going to show you in just a couple of clicks how to make your data look amazing and a few other whizzy things that tables in Excel can do.


Add text automatically to save heaps of time

Learn how AutoText can help you add whole paragraphs of text in a flash using the keyboard or a tooltip. Build an entire document out of pre-saved paragraphs including fancy formatting and pictures.

Add a table and resize it

We all use tables. I love them. I use tables in all my user guides to help line up text and pictures. Tables are really versatile; however many people struggle with resizing them. They can be pesky things to work with at times – when they don’t fit on the page or run over more than one page. Come along and find out quick and easy ways of resizing your tables.

Autocorrect your spellings

You will have seen autocorrect working without even realising that is what it was. When common words are misspelt, it works in the background to correct them. It is an invaluable tool when you have a spelling mistake that you make without even realising. For example, I cannot type the word lunch. For me when I type it doesn’t have the ‘n’. I have Word set to correct that for me! You have no idea how much time that saves.

I am looking forward to sharing my tips with you. It will be very practical so bring your notebook!

Shelley Fishel has over 20 years’ experience training Microsoft Office. She runs www.tomorrowsva.com providing online training in core Microsoft Applications helping you get more done in less time. If you would like to see Shelley’s session, you can book on to the Virtual Summit for just £50.

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