Hands up. Who has been asked to send a fax in the last year? I see a few of you nodding, some of you are rolling your eyes thinking – fax? What is it 1989? Some of you are wondering what I mean by the word ‘fax’. Yes, I know this is old technology, but you wouldn’t believe how many businesses are still using fax machines (HMRC believe it or not!) So, today having been completely frustrated by this I thought I’d share how to send a fax in 2019 without having to purchase a fax machine.

How to send a fax in 2019

There are lots of websites that let you send faxes online here are a few suggestions:

Sending a fax via Gmail 

Once you have signed up to an online fax service, you can now send a fax from your Gmail account. What? I know! You have to make sure that you have used your Gmail account to sign up to the platform. Then head over to Gmail and follow these steps:

  • Click on compose
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number (including area code) in the To field
  • Attach the document (the platforms accept most formats)
  • Type a cover letter using the body of the email message
  • Once you are happy, press send

Sending a fax via Microsoft 

Did you know that you can also send a fax using Microsoft? Neither did I. But you can! The Microsoft Office suite includes a feature that allows you to send internet faxes via Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You just need to download the Microsoft Fax Printer Driver or Fax Services and you are good to go!

Sending a fax on your phone 

You can also send a fax via your phone using an app. There are a few on the market but the most popular is eFax, which is available on both Android and iPhone.

So there you go. How to send a fax in 2019!

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