As we all know having a good relationship with your Executive makes your job, as an Assistant, much easier! It is the key relationship for Assistants and the one part of the role that you have to get right. Without a successful partnership, the work just becomes that much tougher. You can try your best every day and still not quite manage to get the partnership working smoothly, this can happen to the best of us! It could be that the two of you are not quite communicating effectively or you haven’t built the right rapport yet. Whatever it happens to be there are always things you can do or ask that will help you to not annoy your Exec! So today, I thought I’d share 10 questions that you can ask your Executive so that you get your working relationship back on track.

Next time you have a one to one with your Executive or if you are coming up to your appraisal why not ask a few questions and see what the response is! Answers to these questions will help you work to their requirements and manage their temperament.

Don’t want to annoy your Exec? Ask these questions!

  1. Is there anything you do not want me to go near or change in any way?
  2. What is your biggest distraction?
  3. What do you dislike in your daily routine?
  4. Is there anyone that you don’t want to talk to… ever?
  5. Are there any points in the day when everyone should just leave you alone?
  6. What personality types do you dislike working with?
  7. Are there any aspects of my role that you don’t need me to do?
  8. What do you least value in an assistant?
  9. Are there any forms of communication you dislike?
  10. What details bother you? What doesn’t?

If you are new to the Assistant role, you can also take a look at our eBook – Starting out as a new Assistant.

Don't want to annoy your Exec? Ask these questions!