Assistants have to work collaboratively with their Executives so that information flows easily between the two of you, you can help plan their workflow properly and communicate more effectively. There are so many fantastic platforms available that will really help you work collaboratively and today I wanted to share some collaboration tools for 2019. These collaboration tools are bound to help make communication easier, faster and a whole lot more fun!

Collaborative tools for 2019

Google Hangout

This year Google will be completely overhauling Google Hangout including a change of name to Hangout Meets and Hangout Chats. The functionality looks pretty similar in that you will still have an instant messenger tool through GSuite and a video conferencing facility. For now, Google Hangout is still a great tool for those using GSuite. it will really help you communicate with your Executive without having to send emails and of course you can schedule conference calls with your Executive while they are working remotely or travelling.

There are lots of project management tools on the market and is certainly becoming one of the most popular. It is a visual platform that lets you plan, schedule and work together on projects. Similar to other collaboration platforms, users can set up boards to work on projects together, schedule tasks and see what has been accomplished and what is outstanding. The platform has a lot of flexibility and can be adapted to your organisation’s needs.


If you are working on a lot of projects with your Executive then it is worth checking out Proofhub. This platform is dedicated to project management and comes with lots of really useful templates that can really help you plan out your project from start to finish.


Wetransfer makes it really easy to send large files to and from your Executive. It is free to use and so simple. There are lots of other platforms that allow you to share documents but for a quick file transfer, this website works perfectly.


This is one of the first pieces of software I came across to help with the collaboration of information and it has expanded its programme to now include a whole host of features that help you share ideas, documents and notes. The app even suggests notes that your colleagues have written that might be relevant to your work.


This web-based app lets you create diagrams, mindmaps and organisational charts collaboratively so that all of your team can make changes in real time and share your changes. You can embed the chart into any website and update it via Lucidchart.


This Gmail extension lets teams manage shared inboxes such as info@ or executiveoffice@. The extension has a lot of additional features that will help you manage the inbox without having to send lots of emails or forward on the emails coming into the inbox.