Assistant Managers: How to motivate your team

It is becoming more and more common for Assistants to manage staff and lead teams on projects.

Many Executive Assistants manage teams of other Assistants and Administrators, and we all know it can be tough keeping Assistant’s careers on track and keeping them motivated. Here are our tips on how you can keep your team motivated and enthusiastic about the work.

Give each member of the team autonomy over their work

It can be really easy, especially if you have been in the business for a long time, to think that you know how to do everything! If you are going to motivate your team, you can offer guidance, but you have to let your team have autonomy over their work. It is so important!

Ask for input and feedback

Make sure your team feels like you listen to them (and actually listen to them!) Communication needs to be a two-way street, and you have to listen to their ideas, objections, and concerns. Take the time to solicit feedback, and you will find that you have a ton of new ideas on how to do things.

Get to know your team

If you are aware of your team member’s strengths and weaknesses, you will delegate work to the appropriate person. Get to know them in other ways, too – what they like to do, what they find exciting and challenging, who they are as people outside of the office and what their other hobbies are. The best leaders care about their staff and treat them accordingly.

Providing productive and challenging work

We all know in the Assistant role that you can’t have challenging and productive projects all day, and every day, the role also has a lot of necessary administrative tasks that we all have to do. But, with that being said, there are a whole ton of tasks and projects that Assistants can get involved in. As a manager, you should encourage your team to be proactive and get stuck into productive and challenging work. Encourage them to shine!

Providing rewards

We all know how tough it is for Assistants to gain recognition and compensation at work. Pay rises and promotions are hard-fought. As a manager, you have to be their advocate and push for them to get the rewards they deserve. You can also give your team lots of little rewards that will make them happy. An extra-long lunch break, the chance to leave early or a thank-you cupcake for a job well one will all be appreciated. Making your team feel appreciated is half the battle for management, so make sure you celebrate every success!

Setting effective goals

Last but not least. Every member of your team should have a productive career development plan in place. Make sure they have goals that will stretch them and help them grow in their role. Put a structure in place to meet regularly and mentor them through any challenges they are facing. If you are an executive Assistant managing a team of Assistants, you really can lead by example. You know how tough the job is, and having a strategic career development plan will help them achieve so much more in the role. Assistant Managers: How to motivate your team.