Having worked through a few company restructures in my career I have often been given the horrible task of creating new organisational charts. Back in the day, there were only two platforms available for this job – PowerPoint and Visio, they had their problems, and although, yes, I could create charts with both programmes, I didn’t ever really 100% like the finished result. Fast forward a few years, and there are loads of options. Here are my favourite five tools to help create organisational charts.

Five tools to help create organisational charts

1. Powerpoint

5 tools to help create organisational charts

Although I just totally dissed PowerPoint, it is still pretty great if you want to create a simple org chart and add that chart to a presentation. It is when the chart starts getting a little complicated that PowerPoint starts to fail. Using SmartArt, there are loads of options, and it is super easy to use. If you want to create something simple, you can’t go wrong with PowerPoint.

2. Canva

5 tools to help create organisational charts

I think my love for Canva has been well documented over the years and this is another reason why. Canva has lots of great templates for organisational charts and diagrams. With Canva you can design your style of chart from one of the ready-made templates then customise the chart with all of your details. You can print the chart in a high-res format or download it as an image and add it to your presentation slides.

3. Organimi

5 tools to help create organisational charts

Organimi is excellent for more complex organisational charts. Upload a CVS file with your employee’s details and the reporting structure and the programme will start to create an organisational chart for you automatically. You can also develop photoboards and directories using Organimi. The charts can be embedded on your company website, and you can print and export the chart with a high-quality download.

4. Pingboard

5 tools to help create organisational charts

Pingboard lets you create a nicely designed organisational chart and gives you a platform to manage that chart all in one place. You can upload it to any website and then execute any changes from the Pingboard platform. Users can also create private organisation charts and work on restructures on a restricted part of the site. Again you can export the charts so that you can use them in presentations and print them in a high-res format.

5. Lucidchart 

Lucidchart is useful if you want to create a basic organisational chart with not too many bells and whistles. You can drag and drop all the different components of the chart, you don’t have to download anything, and you can collaborate on the design with your Executive or team.