Many Assistants are being asked to look after their company’s online profiles and their organisation’s social media messaging. It can be a time-consuming task that requires some thought because social media platforms change so rapidly. There are so many different platforms and options that can pull your focus. If you have been given this task, here are five tips on managing your company’s social media.

Five tips on managing your company’s social media

One – Do a social media audit 

This is important. You should know all of the platforms your organisation is using and how they are using them. Pull a list together and then use a social media analytics programme that will show you which platforms are performing well. I would suggest using Buffer for this task. Their analytics package is straightforward and will give you the data you need to see which are the better platforms to focus on. Some of the stats you should look at include:

  • growth
  • engagement
  • top-performing posts
  • click through rates

Once you have pulled through the data for each of the platforms, you can see which social media campaigns are working. Most social media experts suggest that you concentrate on one or two social media platforms (if you have limited resources). Along with your analytics, you should also look at your business objectives – who are your clients and what social media platforms do they use? Who are your competitors, and what social media platforms are they using?

Two – Use the right tools 

There are a lot of social media tools that can save you a lot of time when it comes to scheduling and creating your social media messages. Here is a list of 25 social media tools that will help you get started.

Three – Creating content and scheduling in advance 

The hardest part of managing social media is creating content that is engaging and useful for your audience. Again, there are a lot of tools available that can help you schedule your content in advance, which I highly recommend that you do. You also need to follow what is going on in your industry, influencers and thought-leaders. You should follow everyone important in your industry and business leaders in general and then share their content. You also need to tap into what is going on in your organisation. You should meet regularly with members of staff to get updates on what is happening in the business so that you can share the updates with your audience. You should also take lots of pictures and videos to show what it is like working for your business and what you get up to behind-the-scenes.

Four – Listen to the conversations 

A huge part of managing social media is listening and reacting to what other people are saying in your audience and industry. You will get results if you spend a little bit of time every day sharing content and replying to other people’s conversation starters. You should also take note of the keywords and hashtags that are popular in your industry. Keep a list of hashtags and use a combination of them on your messages.

Five – Customer Care 

You will find that clients and customers will contact you via social media, so you should have a plan in place on how to respond to their messages. Creating a style guide will help you stay consistent when you are replying to customers. Hootsuite has put together a fantastic guide that will help you build a customer service guide.

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