We all know that AI is on its way and threatening the role of the Assistant. The technology that is being developed will certainly take a lot of our administrative tasks away, that is for sure. So we have to get up to speed pretty quickly on how this technology can help us automate a lot of the admin so that we can focus on the more strategic, value-adding tasks that will ultimately save our role. With that in mind, today I thought I would share 5 tasks that you can get AI to do for you right now. These platforms will save you a lot of time so they are well worth checking out.

5 tasks that you can get AI to do for you right now

Schedule meetings with x.ai 

X.ai is leading the way in scheduling AI. The technology helps to eradicate the back and forth required when planning a meeting with the help of an AI bot called with Amy or Andrew. It is really good and getting better. These are just a few of the features:

  • Amy + Andrew understand natural language
  • Operate over email and Slack
  • Set up, reschedule and cancel meetings on request
  • Insert meeting details into invite and update when prompted
  • Schedule instantly with coworkers
  • Book conference rooms
  • Let you set up meetings for other people
  • Time zone conversion and accommodation for all parties
  • Respond to distinct constraints on a per meeting basis
  • Considerate follow-ups when guests are unresponsive
  • Negotiate meetings with multiple participants
  • Lead time protection, no last minute surprises!
  • Reminders for meetings scheduled 10+ days in advance

You can easily set up Amy or Andrew to work as your Assistant, helping you schedule meetings on behalf of your Executive.

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Transcribe your meetings and minutes with Otter.ai

I’ve always been a bit dubious about using audio recording to help me be more productive, I usually prefer to stick to well good old fashioned pen and paper but as I’ve been using more technology I’ve started to realise how helpful it is. So I thought about what technology can really help with minute taking – which is such a big task for Assistants and discovered Otter.AI

It is without doubt the easiest and most advance platform in this space. It has lots of features including

Recording conversations right from your phone or computer. You can import or sync recordings from other services and it integrates with Zoom.

The technology transcribes the audio, if you have a video with the audio it adds real time captions and once you have ended the recording you receive a searchable transcript which is synced with the audio, it shows different speakers and key phrases that have come up throughout the conversation.

The transcription is really accurate, it still needs to be proofed, don’t get me wrong, but actually it is really good. So how to use it. Well if you have to sit in a meeting, you can record from your phone or laptop and then review the transcript and pull out the useful information for the minutes.

If your executive has the app on their phone they can record every meeting, the transcript goes to you to again pull out tasks and any follow up actions they need to make.

If you haven’t thought about using audio before to help with task management or speeding up your minute taking. Now might be the time. The free package gives you 600 minutes of transcription.

5 tasks that you can get AI to do for you right now

Manage your time with Trevor AI

Trevor AI is another AI Assistant that helps the user manage their time. This is a task management system that inputs your tasks straight into your calendar and helps you block time to get those tasks completed. Once Trevor is used to your way of working the AI starts to make decisions based on your preferences and priorities. To give you an example, you would send a text to Trevor ‘Trevor, I need to buy groceries’ and then Trevor tells you the best time to get this done, then adds that time to your calendar.

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Manage interruptions with Jane.ai 

Jane.ai uses AI to build up a knowledge bank of frequently asked questions. You add all of the information you have regarding questions that your colleagues, sales teams, clients ask you on a frequent basis and Jane.ai will automate the responses with incredibly high accuracy. This will save you so much time managing interruptions if your colleagues have one place to go to find answers to the information they need. Again like other AI, Jane also learns to work with the frequently asked questions to develop additional knowledge about your business.

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Manage your emails with Knowmail 

Knowmail is an email management tool that uses AI to automatically prioritise email, improve focus, and is personalised per user. Their features include prioritisation, sorting, next best action, conversation view, intelligent email search, and personal insights. The software integrates with Microsoft Cortana (unfortunately it doesn’t work with Apple products yet) to prioritise what is urgent in your inbox.

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