We all know that looking for a new job isn’t easy. It can take a lot of time with hours of searching through job descriptions, speaking to recruitment agencies and then, of course, the time spent preparing for and going to job interviews. It is a job in itself! But, most people start a new job search because they are ready to move on from their current role. So, often we jump into a new job search without giving much thought to what we want from the next job, what we have learnt and what we can contribute to a new organisation. Asking these five questions will hold you in good stead when it comes to your next job search.

5 questions to ask before you start your next job search

Is my CV up to date?

This is kind of an obvious question to start with, but so many people lock their CV away when they have a new job and rarely look at it again. If you’ve been in your current role awhile, you will have gathered a vast array of new skills to add to your CV so it might take longer than you think to whip your CV into shape. Take the time to perfect your CV so that when you send it out into the world, it reflects the best version of you.

Should I really leave this job?

Why are you starting a new job search? Is it because you’ve been at the company for a long time and you are ready for a new challenge, have you been made redundant or just out of school? Great! If you hate your job, lack motivation and can’t stand your boss, then take a moment to ponder whether or not you can turn the situation around without moving to a new employer. Have you had an honest and open conversation with your Executive? Is there more you can do? If the answer is no, then great! Start looking for a new job. It is always worth reflecting on what your current situation is before starting a new search.

What are my salary expectations?

Your salary expectations are worth thinking about before you start your job search. For a lot of Assistants, we only really get significant pay increases when we job hop. So do think about getting to that next pay level seriously. You will have increased your skillset in your current role and are worthy of a payrise (even if your current employer disagrees). Have a good look at the job market and go for those roles with a higher salary, you never know. You might be a great fit, and just what the employer was looking for.

What do I want in my next role?

More responsibility? A better office culture? An increase in pay and benefits?

Hopefully all of the above right?! Do spend some time reflecting on what you want in the new role. This will help you narrow down your job search and deal with recruiters who try to put you forward for positions that don’t fit your expectations. If your criteria are specific, then it might take you longer to find that perfect job, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

Do I have all the requirements for the next job?

Once you have decided what you want to do in your role, then start to build the skills required around that job. Once you’ve done this exercise, you might realise that you need a further qualification or a bit more experience and decide to take a new job that gets you moving in the right direction, or you stay in your current role until you finalise your qualifications. The job you except now might not be your dream role but is a stepping stone in the right direction. If you have everything you need for the dream job now, go for it!

Preparing for the Perfect PA Role

We cover all aspects of looking for a new Assistant role in our eBook, Preparing for the Perfect PA Role, including a few tips on what you should do once you land your new job and work with a new Executive. Download the book here.

5 questions to ask before you start your next job search

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