So many organisations are making a move from Microsoft Office to Google Suite (Practically Perfect PA being one such business!). I love Gmail, it is such a great tool, and with all of the available Chrome extensions, you really can make Gmail an incredibly productive tool. We have a great selection of hacks for Outlook, Word, Powerpoint and Excel so today I thought I would include 40 Gmail hacks for Assistants. If you are a Gmail user, these hacks will save you a ton of time and supercharge your day!

40 Gmail hacks for Assistants

  1. How to unsend an email: Go to Settings > General > Undo Send > Send Cancellation Period > Set the amount of time you want to be able to unsend an email > Save
  2. How to view Gmail offline: Settings > Offline > Enable
  3. How to use keyboard short cuts: Settings > General > Keyboard Shortcuts.
    1. “j” to go to older messages
    2. “k” to go to new messages
    3. “e” to archive
    4. “shift + 3” to delete
    5. “a” to reply all
    6. “r” to reply individually
  4. How to unsubscribe to mass emails and newsletters: At the top of one of the emails, click the Unsubscribe button next to the sender’s email address.
  5. How to see your unread messages first: Go to Settings > Inbox > Inbox Type > Unread First. This will push all of your unread emails to the top of your inbox.
  6. How to set up multiple accounts: Go to Settings > Account and Import > Send mail as > Add another email address you own button and hook up any other personal email addresses. Next time you go to compose an email in Gmail, you can select which email address you’d like to use from the drop-down menu.
  7. How to automate message: Go to Settings > Labs > Canned Responses > Enable > Save. In the email message, go to the three dots at the bottom of the message > click canned responses and create your automatic messages.
  8. How to set emails to self-destruct: Go to your email message > click the clock/lock icon > Select Confidential mode > Set Expiration date and time.
  9. How to send an email with an SMS verification code: Go to your email message > click the clock/lock icon > Select Confidential mode. This will enable you to build an additional level of security for your mail.
  10. How to set up a default ‘reply to all’: Go to Settings > General > Default Reply Behaviour > Reply. Now the reply all option will always be the default option selected when emailing multiple recipients.
  11. How to turn on desktop notifications: Go to Settings > General > Desktop Notification > Enable.
  12. How to schedule emails for later: Download the ActiveInbox Chrome extension
  13. How to turn your Gmail into a Trello style board: Download the Sortd Chrome extension
  14. How to view your emails via Google Chrome: Download the Checker Plus Chrome extension
  15. How to make sure your emails sound professional: Download the DraftMap Chrome extension.
  16. How to customise your tabs: Go to Settings > Configure Inbox > Tabs. From here you can customise which tabs you use and the order they appear.
  17. How to pause your Gmail inbox: Download the Inbox Pause Chrome extension.
  18. How to quote a previous email into a new message: Create a new message and click on the Quotation Marks on the formating bar and you will be able to copy text from any other message, and it will appear as a quotation.
  19. How to automatically filter different emails: Go to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses > Follow the prompts to create custom filters.
  20. How to turn off the conversation view: Go to Settings > General > Conversation View > Turn off.
  21. How to colour-code your labels: Scroll down to your labels and click the three dots button > select colour label. You can now colour code emails from specific Executives, clients or actions that you need to take.
  22. How to prioritise your inbox: Go to Settings > Inbox tab > Inbox type > Select how you want to prioritise your emails.
  23. How to work from two Gmail accounts: – Download the Shift app Chrome Extension, which enables you to toggle between each of your Gmail accounts.
  24. How to automatically move through your emails: Go to Settings > Advanced > Auto-advance > Enable.
  25. How to set up a new contact group: Go to Settings > Contacts > ‘New Group’ > Name it > Add Contacts. This will let you send bulk emails to this group of contacts.
  26. How to search for G Drive documents while on Gmail: You can access G-Drive Files quickly from your Gmail inbox by just typing the name of the document in the search bar.
  27. How to remove the original formatting when you copy and paste into an email: When you copy and paste text into an email, Gmail keeps the original format in size, font, colour and hyperlinks. Remove formatting and convert the message to plain text by clicking the plain text logo in the right corner of the formatting options menu.
  28. How to link your task list to your email account: Click into the arrow next to the Gmail sign at the top left of the screen > Tasks. This will open a task list for you.
  29. How to create a new meeting in your Google Calendar from your email: If you use Google Calendar, you can use a Gmail message as a basis for the creation of a new event. Go to Settings > Labs > Google Calendar > Enable.
  30. How to clear your inbox without deleting messages: Activate the Send+Archive button. Go to settings > General > Send and Archive > show “Send & Archive” button in reply.
  31. How to change how many emails you can see in your inbox: Go to Settings > Display Density > Choose your preference – Comfortable, Cozy and Compact.
  32. How to attach documents from Google Drive: There is a GDrive button at the bottom of every email that allows you to insert documents without having to open the drive separately.
  33. How to move your chatbox: If you prefer to have the Gmail chat box open. You can move it to the right-hand side of your screen. Go to Settings > Labs > Right-side chat > enable.
  34. How to import contacts from other email address: Go to Settings > Accounts > Import your mail and contacts > Follow prompts.
  35. How to add a delegate to your Gmail account: Go to Settings > Accounts > Grant access to your account > Add another account > Follow Prompts > Next Step > Send email to grant access. This will give you access to your Executive’s account.
  36. How to customise your keyboard short cuts: You can also create your own keyboard shortcuts. If you enable this feature, you’ll get a new tab in Settings where you can map new combinations of keyboard inputs to a ton of different. Go to Settings > labs > Create keyboard shortcuts.
  37. How to track your email: Download the Mailtrack Chrome Extension.
  38. How to create notes and reminders for your emails: Download the Simple Gmail Notes Chrome extension.
  39. Create a standard reply that you can send to lots of contacts: Download the Batch Reply Chrome extension.
  40. How to make your emails more powerful: Download the Just Not Sorry Chrome extension.

If you found these 40 Gmail hacks for assistants useful, you can download the entire list as a PDF document for your desk. Just click on the picture and follow the link.