Just think how much time you spend organising travel for your Executive or your team? It’s a lot, right? Maybe 20% of your week? Maybe more? That time will be taken up by meticulously planning trips with the hope that nothing will go wrong while their Executive is away from the office. But from missed flights to delays and double booked hotels – let’s face it when the boss is out of your sight and flying solo we should expect some issues! I have put together a list of 20 tools to help manage your Exec’s travel plans. From leaving the office to boarding the flight and getting around the city.

20 tools to help manage your Exec’s travel plans


This is great if your manager is fussy with their airline seat! You can type the airline, the flight number and the date and the app will tell you which is the best seat on the plane.

Lounge Buddy

This app and website give you instant access to airport lounges in most airports around the world. The lounges can be pre-booked or booked on the go (depending on availability).


This app is excellent for assistants that love writing lists! Tell the app where your Executive is going, the dates and the length of the trip. The app will then come back with suggestions on what to pack (after checking the weather!) This app will decrease the chance of your manager calling you to source a spare toothbrush in New York while you are in London!


This is the most popular online travel itinerary app and website. Tripit has been around for years, and it is just getting better and better. If you are still using a paper itinerary, then it is well worth checking out Tripit. Everything is online, including flight details, hotel confirmations, car rental details, restaurant bookings etc. Every confirmation you make, you can email the details straight to Tripit. The app then pulls together all of the details into one itinerary, and it will send you alerts and notifications regarding all of the trip details.


TravelPerk in a free all-in-one business travel platform for modern companies. Save time and money by using TravelPerk’s in-app automated travel policies, approval flows and travel data. All this to make your company’s business travel smart, connected and stress-free.


For the cost conscious assistant! Hopper analyses billions of flight prices daily to predict how prices will change and tell you when to buy your tickets. Hopper continuously monitors prices to find great deals and notifies you the instant you should buy. It’s like having a super-fast, all-knowing travel agent in your pocket.


This a great app for you and your Executive. Complete the trip details, and the app will show what time it is in each place you are visiting and your home country. If your Executive is travelling on

Registered Traveller

If your Executive is a frequent traveller, it is well worth getting them to sign up to the Registered Traveller programme in the UK (there are equivalents in other countries). This will save them a ton of time at UK Border Control. If they don’t travel as frequently, but you still want to avoid delays, check out MIFLIGHT, an app that will tell you how long the line is at security.


Plan your Executive’s route from meeting to meeting with CityMapper. This app is so much more comprehensive than Google Maps and includes easy access to public transport information (if your Executive insists on using public transport!)


Convert every world currency on the go. I use the app all the time, not just for planning travel but also for expenses. You can also select your favourite currencies so that you don’t have to scroll through them all.


This app is excellent for weather forecasts around the world, and it does seem to be entirely accurate. You can set it for your current location or receive alerts from places you are planning to travel too.

Google Trips

If your Executive has a bit of spare time on their trip, then you can help plan a few extracurricular activities for them via Google Trips. Enter their locations and Google Trip will pull together a list of places to visit that are close by.


Just in case the hotel you’ve booked doesn’t work out for your Executive, or their flight gets delayed, and they are stranded in a different destination. This app lists all the hotels available that night.

Cool Cousins 

You type in your location, and you see a list of what they refer to as cool cousins or people who live locally and have put together a list of their favourite places. When you look through you will see a map, the list of sites and an explanation of why it is their ideal place. Now, if you don’t know the location that your Executive is visiting, you can recommend places that have been tried and tested.


If you can get your Executive to use this app on their trip, it will save you a ton of time processing expenses when they return. The app lets you hook up your business card so that you can see what they are spending in real time and if your Executive quickly scans their receipts when they pay cash you could have the expense report done before they even land.


If your Executive likes to work outside of the local office, you can plan a few cafes that have decent wifi and are close to their meetings via Workfrom.

Taxi Apps – Uber / MyTaxi / Lyft 

It’s worth having a taxi app on your phone and your Executive’s phone so that you can hail a taxi from wherever they are. But, there are different taxi apps for different cities, so do your research before they leave for the trip. There are places, Barcelona, for example, that don’t have Uber instead we use MyTaxi.

Airbnb for work 

If you have a whole team travelling for business, then it might be worth checking out Airbnb for Work. The website lets you book houses, apartments, team building locations and offices for the entire team to work and stay.


If disaster strikes and your Executive has their flight cancelled. This app will help you claim compensation back from any delays or cancellations.


If your Executive insists on having wifi access on their flight, then check out GoGoAir which sells packages for onboard wifi.

Travel Itinerary Template

20 tools to help manage your Exec's travel plans

A well-organised travel itinerary is an essential service that assistants can provide for their managers. Think about all the different bits of paper you have to keep with your – tickets, hotel details, travel guides. Well along with the usual stresses of travelling your boss also has to attend meetings and act professionally when in many cases they are dealing with jet lag and the continuous business activities back in their office.

Download our free travel itinerary template for business travel. This document will keep your Executive organised when you can’t be there to do it for them!

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