There are so many hotel websites available for Assistants to use when booking business travel for their Executive. If you don’t work with a travel management company, where do you even start? Here are ten websites to help book great hotels. This list covers everything you need to search and compare prices. When you are booking hotels, it is always worth checking the hotel website directly to see if they are offering any lower prices and the reservation line to see if you can get any upgrades.

10 websites to help book great hotels

  1. selects a good mixture of options, depending on your budget and preference. The search engine includes hotels, apartments and budget accommodation. There are hundreds of options available on
  2. Kayak: Kayak is an excellent place to search for hotels and flights combined. It is straightforward to use. Just remember to filter your choices correctly as the recommended hotels are never the cheapest option.
  3. Tripadvisor: Not the most accessible search site to use but the reviews are worth looking at before you book something for your Executive.
  4. has a lot of filters that help you narrow down your search and find the perfect hotel in a location you might not know.
  5. HotelsCombined: I like HotelsCombined because it searches through all of the other search engines to compare the best prices. You can compare different room types and
  6. TravelPerk: The TravelPerk hotel search is easy to use, and the search pulls through lots of great options. You can upload your travel policy so that you are not booking hotels that fall outside the policy and you can search based on proximity to your local office.
  7. Agoda: Agoda is a great place to start if you are planning a trip to Asia, the options are vast, and they do have the best deals for this part of the world.
  8. Skyscanner
  9. Trivago: Trivago has a robust search function that includes lesser-known hotel search engines. They don’t display all of the deals on the first page so if you use Trivago make sure you look at all of the options and filter by the cheapest first.
  10. Google: Last but not least, Google! You can search via Google Maps so that you know exactly where the hotel is. Google offers a no-frills search function, but if you need the hotel to be in a particular location, I would start with Google.

Travel Itinerary Template

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10 websites to help book great hotels