We are halfway through the year, and it is likely that at some point soon you will have a mid-year review with your manager. If you don’t have anything in the diary or your Executive hasn’t mentioned getting together for a review, I would highly recommend you do something about it. Mid-year reviews are an essential element of your career development. After six months, you can check how you are progressing through your objectives, and goals and make any necessary changes. 

Here are two articles from the Practically Perfect PA archive that will help you plan and smash your mid-year review.

Smash your mid-year review

Mid Year Reviews

Today, I want to share ten questions to ask during your mid-year review. These questions will help you flesh out what you have achieved and what you need to work on for the rest of the year. Talking to your manager about your progress and job performance can be quite nerve-racking (although I do know some people that love reviews, they are also the type that loves job interviews) so it is well worth being prepared. You may think that a half-year review isn’t a big deal, but for Assistants, the chance to discuss job performance, objectives and reward should be taken seriously. We don’t often get to spend that much time with our manager taking about ourselves, and we have to grab every opportunity to discuss our role. Here are ten questions that should be covered during your review:

Ten questions to ask during your mid-year review

  1. What has been going well for the last six months?
  2. What can be improved for the next six months?
  3. What am I doing that is most helpful for you?
  4. What can I do to make your job easier?
  5. Are there any additional projects or areas of work I should be looking at over the next six months that are not part of my current goals and objectives? – This could lead to more growth (if you have performed well over the first six months).
  6. What are your goals and objectives for the next six months, and how can I help you achieve them?
  7. Are there are patterns in the way that I work that I could change for the better?
  8. If you missed any of your goals for the first two-quarters of the years, what can I change so that I hit all of my goals for the rest of the year?
  9. Are there things I could do that would make our relationship better?
  10. If I stay on course with this level of performance, what salary and bonus should I expect next year?

If you would like to see specific examples of objectives that you can use in your next performance review, download our list of 20 SMART objective examples for Personal and Executive Assistants.

10 questions to ask during your mid-year review