We all know how tough it is to get a meeting in your Executive’s schedule, let alone everyone who also needs to be in the meeting. And of course, once they are all in the meeting, who knows if the meeting was truly productive! Planning meetings is a tough job, and that is why I highly recommend you employ some technology to help you with the challenge! Here is a great list of 10 apps to help you plan meetings.

Calendly – This is the best meeting calendar to let other people schedule meetings based on the time available in the diary.

Pick – Pick A Meeting collects information from all of your attendee’s calendars and determines when everyone has time to get together.

First Agenda – This app gathers all your meeting documents under one login for everyone to access during the meeting, streamlining the whole process!

Meetingmapper – This app is excellent if your Executive attends a lot of meeting outside the office. The app tracks their mileage and expenses for external meetings all in one place.

Doodle – Set up a poll so that everyone can pick an available date and time.

Slack – Slack is probably the best internal communication tool on the market, and it is excellent for organising meetings. Set up meetings, forward agendas, remind invitees to attend and keep track of follow-ups. It’s also applicable for 1:1 video calls/screen sharing, something we often use when working remote.

Slido – Slido is an audience interaction tool for meetings and events, where attendees can help drive the conversation with questions during the sessions or engage with live polls.

iBrainstorm – iBrainstorm is a digital whiteboard app that allows store all of your brainstorming ideas, including post-it notes and drawings from any meeting.

Google Hangout – Google Hangout is a free HD video call service with instant messaging features and great conferencing options for up to 10 people and group chat for up to 100. As a Google product, it easily integrates with the rest of the Google suite of products.

Kahoot! – This is a game-based learning platform. You can administer quizzes, discussions and surveys, all in a game-based, mobile environment that grabs the attention of meeting attendees in a fun way.