Did you know that business travel is a $1.3 trillion dollar market? And that in most companies, travel spend is often the second largest expenditure after salaries? Business travel spend in general is massive, but it doesn’t stop there; the amount of time spent organising business travel is substantial too. We all know just how much time is needed in preparing a trip, searching for flights and hotels and, of course, searching for the best deals. We also know that these mostly administrative tasks usually end up landing on the desk of an assistant who already has a million other things to do!

From the huge amount of time needed to book travel, deal with various problems on the road, and sort out issues with expensing, the pain of business travel is felt throughout a company, affecting business travellers through to finance teams. More and more, business travellers are booking their travel without regard to company policy, preferring to book on sites like Kayak, Booking.com, and Airbnb to use their loyalty points or get the options they want. This means finance teams are having to process invoices from a dozen different vendors in any given month, not to mention having to keep track of and reimburse dozens of employees for flights purchased with personal credit cards.

Sound familiar?

Why you need to use tech to help you with your business travel management

Using technology to eliminate wasted time and money is always a good idea, and owing to the size of spending in many organisations, it’s particularly pertinent when dealing with business travel. It’s one of the main reasons why travel management platforms have been developed.

A travel management platform is different to some of the other business travel management organisations that you might have seen or worked with before, because it combines a self-booking platform (like Skyscanner and Kayak), with centralised invoices, inbuilt travel policies, and the customer service support that you might get from a more traditional business travel agent.

TravelPerk is a travel management platform that offers this solution along with a few other fantastic features, and they are determined to revolutionise business travel management for everybody involved in the process. TravelPerk has spent a lot of time thinking about how assistants can be better served using their platform and it shows in how they’ve designed their features to meet needs, such as ease of use for Assistants, as well as offering support for travellers to relieve burdens often placed on assistants and travel managers alike.

TravelPerk offers assistants the following technological improvements:

  • 24/7 support. Your travellers can easily contact their customer support team via phone, email, or online chat, instead of contacting you, which means no more weekend interruptions or middle of the night calls!
  • The world’s largest inventory, accessing hotels, flights and trains, from major sites like Booking.com, Expedia and Skyscanner. This saves you so much time, as you don’t have to browse through several different sites to book different parts of a trip and find the best deals, it’s all there for you on one platform!
  • Retention of all details for every traveller so that you don’t have to put in passport details over and over and over again.
  • An easy to use platform so that you can encourage colleagues to book their own flights and hotels. AND, the platform restricts access based on the predetermined travel policy so your colleagues can’t book that 1st class flight with that 5-star hotel and pretend they didn’t read the policy!
  • Everything in one place, from booking to accounting to reporting, so that if you need to present any data on business travel spend, you don’t have far to go.

If your organisation is struggling to control the amount of time and money spent on organising business travel, TravelPerk may well be the solution.

They have put together a really great eBook that will help you determine the best solution for your business. How to Choose a Business Travel Booking Solution That Travelers Love is a great place to start if you don’t know where to begin in organising business travel across your organisation. Inside the eBook, there’s a great template which will help you compare travel management solutions based on various criteria. Once you’ve identified the best solution for your company, you can take this to your Executive team to get the conversation started.

To download the eBook please, follow this link and to find out more about TravelPerk click on their logo below.

Why you need to use tech to help you with your business travel management

Once you get your travel management platform in place, just think how much time you will free up to spend on other, more rewarding projects!

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