It’s that time of year, when we start reflecting on what we have achieved, question if we are on the right path and possibly asking ourselves if we are adding value or creating an impact in any way. Even if it’s just on a small scale.

Now normally I’m not a big advocate for choosing a set day or time of year to define how to choose to behave or act. Why wait all year to make an effort or change? In a way, it gives us an excuse to just put things off.

But January always feels different to me. It’s a great reason to draw a line and create new goals, make fresh starts and more importantly to reconnect with who we want to be.

For us, in the recruitment industry, January is that time of year where we see the biggest surge in candidates applying for new jobs. Why is this? It could be for many reasons, but unhappiness and boredom are often common attributes.

But there is one blocker sadly secretly keeping many back from achieving true fulfilment and reaching their potential with their job searches.

What's the Biggest Blocker Holding You Back in Your Job Search?

Blocker: Not really knowing who they are

If you feel that you lean heavily towards recruiters, job adverts, friends, family or colleagues for inspiration, you could potentially veer down someone else’s path. It’s that ‘shiny penny syndrome’ where you end up jumping from one opportunity to the next, not understanding why you are not truly happy.

Have you ever felt like a recruiter has had to really ‘sell’ an amazing opportunity to you? Think carefully if they have your best interests at heart.

Ever been approached by an old colleague or boss about an exciting role at their company? Was it beneficial for them to have you working for them or an opportunity which would benefit you?

Be open, but trust your instincts and inner compass on your path.

Struck a chord?

Firstly, you need to understand who you are and the only way to do this is to invest time to connect less with others and more with yourself.

I’m not suggesting to never go out and become a recluse, but focus on getting your energy less from external stimuli and more from you, your mind and your own thoughts.

Coaches are a great way to really understand yourself. They can see you from a different perspective and also they have many tools to help bring out the inner you. Most leaders have a number of different coaches. I personally have had an amazing coach for over 2 years now and it has been instrumental in refocusing the business to align more with my values, vision and beliefs.

Saying that, you don’t need to spend a fortune as one of the best things you can do is put aside time for you and only you. With families and busy working lives, this is often hard to do, but if we invest more in ourselves, we can do more for others. Why not get up 30 minutes earlier? Go for a walk at lunchtime? I find when I walk, I get my most inspiration.

When we know who we are, what drives us and what makes us different – inspiration, ideas and opportunities come our way. We take notice. We then get noticed.

You can then then seek support from others to help your dreams become a reality.

Recruiters will find it hard to really get to know you, if you don’t know yourself.

  • Commit to learning about yourself; and you will grow.
  • Grow; and you will evolve into who you want to be.
  • Evolve; and you will secure a role which gets you excited this year!

What steps are you going to make to connect, grow and evolve this year?

If you need a booster, maybe we can guide you.

AboutFace is a forward thinking hire strategy consultancy

What's the Biggest Blocker Holding You Back in Your Job Search?

Partnering with leaders to build CORE teams with potential; through clear strategy, design and a flexible hiring architecture. Steering candidates in their job search to stand out; to transform from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘most definitely’ in interviews.

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