We’ve all been there. Totally unproductive day, conflict in the office, lost your keys and your wallet, train delayed, crappy email from the boss. Whatever the problem, we’ve all had those days that completely suck. When nothing gets done and the hole you find yourself in just gets bigger and bigger. Time to pack up, call it quits and head back to bed? Well, hold your horses, it’s not so easy to leave the office at 9.30 am and head home. People will start talking. So what can you do? Today I thought I would share some tried and tested methods to get you back on track. Here are my tips on what to do when your day completely sucks!

Take a moment

Okay, this is my first piece of advice. Go to the bathroom, go make a cup of tea, take a moment to breathe. Sometimes ust having a little bit of time to yourself helps put things into perspective. Or at least, give yourself a chance to take control of your emotions and pretend you are fine for the rest of the day.

Stick on some music

This does work wonders for me. If I’m lacking energy but just need to get through some stuff at my desk, rather than curl up into a ball, I put on my favourite music and try to get some energy, generally through the power of disco (if you don’t start feeling better after Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones, I can’t help you!)

Hold fast until lunchtime and then get the hell out of the office

If you can get through the morning, you’ve done well. Now, take your butt out of the office and go for a walk, meet some friends, buy some stuff from the shops, whatever you have to do to get some positive energy flowing so that you can come back in the afternoon and smash it.

Buy some and then eat some chocolate

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a treat when the day sucks and you need a quick pick me up. A whole bag of Haribo you say?! I hear ya, sister!

Rage clean

Okay, I’m sure I am not the only one that does this? But, when I am really angry I seem to channel all of my energy into what can only be described as an all-out assault on dust, mess and clutter. If you are feeling angry, now might be a good time to sort through your neglected office drawers! You know those piles of shoes you’ve got stashed under your desk? Get those bagged up and shipped out. If anyone asks, you are having a good sort through and re-organising your workspace… while channelling that rage!

Call your person

In my case that is my mum. That’s what they are there for right? You can’t really moan to your colleagues, it’s not very professional. You can’t really moan to your friends, they don’t care, and if you moan to your other half you might have to listen when they want to get something work related off their chest. Your mum┬áhas to listen. That’s her job! *Thanks mum* Whoever happens to be your person, give them a call and have a good moan.

Be super nice to everyone

It is amazing how much energy you can get from other people. So actually, when you feel like crap try being super nice to everyone. Seeing them smile and happy can kinda lift your mood.

Remember nothing is permanent

If work or anything in life is making you miserable do remember it is only a blip on what will otherwise be your awesome life. Some of the really sucky days, pass by and you forget about them. Or you might even laugh about them in a few years time! I stumbled across a profile on LinkedIn the other day, of a guy, who made my job really difficult for a while. At the time I couldn’t stand him but, now, guess what..? Nothing! And that made me super happy!

So, these are just a few thoughts what to do when your day completely sucks. Over to you, let me know what you do when it all gets a little bit too much.