Last weekend I was reading through some posts on an Executive Assistant Facebook Group and one the EA’s had written a post about the training available for Assistants. In the post, she said that she didn’t know what training to attend because it all seemed pretty similar. There are training sessions, conferences, webinars, roundtables, retreats, seminars and now a Virtual Summit that Assistants can attend so how do we, as training providers, make our events different? How do we stand out from the crowd and explain why you should come along to our events?

Well, today, I thought I’d rise to the challenge and explain why I think the Virtual Summit is different to other Assistant events, what the benefits are and why I think you should ask your organisation to pay for you to attend (or in many cases, pay for yourself). Here goes… What makes the Virtual Summit different?

#1 The Virtual Summit is online

The Virtual Summit is online, which means it can be viewed wherever you are in the world. There is no need to travel to a major city, which means there is no need to book expensive flights or an even more expensive hotel. You just log on to the Virtual Summit website and watch the event from your office, your home or your bed. It is pretty simple.

#2 An individual ticket is £50

We are only charging attendees £50 to attend a full day’s worth of training, which is cheap. Seriously cheap! We want as many Assistants, who can’t usually afford, to join the Summit. It was critical for me to keep the costs low because I know it can be challenging to get organisation’s to pay for training and for just £50 attendees can pay the fee themselves, or it is such a low figure most businesses should agree to pay the price. It is the equivalent for a week’s worth of latte’s from Starbucks!

#3 We are encouraging teams of Assistants to network together

As well as individual tickets we are offering hub tickets for only £250. Purchasing a hub ticket gives an opportunity for your PA network (whether that is a regional network, internal network or group of PA colleagues in your organisation) to get together to watch and interact with the Virtual Summit. We provide a Hub Pack that will help you structure your discussions and breakouts during the summit. You will also have the opportunity to feedback and interact with the 100s, possibly 1000s of PAs watching online.

All you will need to set up a Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit Hub is a meeting room, a computer, a projector/plasma and access to Wi-Fi! The Hub pass is unlimited for those in the same place so that you can invite all of your PA colleagues (including client PAs) along and engage with each other and the fantastic content.

#4 The content isn’t just ‘amazing’, it is relevant, practical and packed full of ROI

Okay, I think we are all guilty of this one. It is hard for marketers to sell you guys stuff, because… well… you all see through the BS! I hope that you see the Practically Perfect PA events as an extension of the blog. I try to make the blog as relevant to the Assistant profession as possible. Every blog post includes specific advice that you can apply to your career. We write blog posts with tons of tips and tricks that will help you with the tasks that you do every day. That is what you get with our events. Every speaker has been briefed to include either specific action points that will help you with tasks relating to your role or advice that will build your career, your confidence and your contribution to your business.

So, yeah, the speakers are amazing, there is no getting away from that. But, the content is beneficial to your career and your organisation’s bottom line. And, if you think about it. The cost of the ticket is £50, and I can guarantee you that you will go back to your office and implement practices that will save your organisation, at the very least, the price if the ticket!

So what about the programme? Here is the link to the speakers and the different sessions. You will see that we have a mixture of speakers. I always try to introduce speakers that you might not see at other events, speakers from other walks of life, from other areas that can offer a different angle on the role. They get what you do, the challenges and the advantages of a being an Assistant, but they bring a different viewpoint and other experiences. We also have Assistant speakers who share their experiences of working in a variety of workplaces and with an array of Executives. They speak passionately about the role, and they have all experienced the difficulties and are more than happy to pass on advice that you can put straight into practice.

#5 The content is available for three months after the Summit

This is where I think the Summit is a bit of a no-brainer. The Summit is £50, and you don’t have to travel. The programme is designed for specifically for your training needs and on top of that, the content is available for three months after the Summit. So, if you don’t live in a time zone that allows you to watch the Summit live, you can catch up with all the sessions the following day. If you can watch the summit live, you have three months to catch up on anything you missed. I know that if you are attending the Summit in your office the chances of you being called away from your desk or interrupted are high, that is why you have all that time after the Summit to catch up or re-watch all of the sessions.

So, what makes the Virtual Summit different? I hope my five reasons why I think the Virtual Summit is different gives you the incentive to join us on the 22nd June. I know there is only so much time and money available for training, but I genuinely believe the Virtual Summit is worth your investment.

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