In the next few weeks I will be moving house, and although the thought of it feels me with absolute dread, I am also very excited because I finally get to have an office. Yes, that is right, a whole room that is just dedicated to Practically Perfect PA! So although thoughts should be turning to pack up the kitchen, moving the sofa and sorting through my kid’s huge pile of plastic toys, they are in fact scouring office brochures and the Ikea catalogue. Once I am settled into my new office, I am determined that the room will be a tranquil and calm environment which is super organised. So, unlike recent times when I have had a billion shoes under my desk, and drawers packed full of goodness knows what, I will have everything in its rightful place. In today’s post, I thought I’d indulge my stationery addiction and ask the question. What are the top desk must-haves for Assistants?

What are the top desk must-haves for Assistants?

#1 Folders, trays and a place for paperwork

A place to put all of my papers and stuff I refer to constantly is my number one priority. Although I desperately want to go paperless, the reality is that I have receipts and reports and documents that are better on paper and I need a place to put these things.

#2 Actual useful stationery

So yes, it is lovely having beautiful stationery that fills my heart with joy but also I need a stapler that actually works and an industrial highlighter pen that doesn’t run out after a minute. So yes, beautiful stationery but also stationery that does the job. A pot for pens is always handy, and I also use one of those plastic cutlery holders that you put in your kitchen drawer for pens and whatnots. For beautiful stationery, my favourite products are Moleskine for notebooks and Kikki.K for folders and accessories.

#3 Snacks

Obviously, snacks. Snacks that are for emergencies but also for boredom and a sugar boost. These snacks are hidden in my desk drawer so that nobody else has access to my snacks!

#4 Headphones

As I am going to be sharing my office with my other half I will need all the headphones to block out his music and his endless asking of ‘where is…?’. Headphones are a must for any Assistant because even if you don’t want to listen to music in the office, wearing headphones makes people less likely to interrupt you. So yes to headphones!

#5 Post-it notes

Post-it notes are my productivity lifeline. They help me remember everything. I have them everywhere.

#6 Spare charger for laptop and phone

My phone charger goes missing all the time. So I keep a hidden charger in the bottom of my drawer so that nobody knows where it is or can find it and then lose it.

#7 Refillable water bottle

To save the planet and to also stop me from being dehydrated. I have water always on my desk.

#8 Motivation 

I need to know why I’m doing what I am doing so I have lots of motivation on my desk including a few pics of my family and a handful of inspirational quotes stuck up on my pinboard. I also have a large framed picture of the world so I can plan holidays and breaks from work!

#9 Weekly, monthly and yearly planner 

So I have all my notebooks and diaries, but I also have a monthly calendar which is pinned to my wall. I can look up at the schedule and quickly get a sense of what the date is and what is going on this week/ month. I also have a huge yearly planner so that I can see what I have coming up throughout the year. This is great for planning the Practically Perfect PA events.

#10 A comfortable chair 

This is something that I went without for a long time. I just used to move my kitchen table chair into my office and plonk my bot on that… it got sore! So I invested in a comfy chair, and my life has never been the same since. I spend a lot of time sitting down, so a beautiful chair that supports my back and my dreams is a must!

Once you have created the desk of your dreams why not take a look at how you can make your space much more efficient with this handy blog post.

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