Happy International Women’s Day you AMAZING readers. I want to start today’s post by telling you a little bit about me over the last few years. I started Practically Perfect PA while working as an EA for a whole number of reasons, but mainly because I had a lot to share. I’d learnt and I’d seen a lot as an Assistant that I thought would be worth sharing with other Assistants who might find themselves in the same situations, experience the same issues and need help completing the same tasks and projects that I was doing. I wanted to help. Fast forward 7 years, a move to Barcelona, leaving my job to do this full time, 2 children and a whole lot of sleepless nights I still want to help Assistants and support your career development. It is really important to be, it is my passion because I truly believe that what we do makes businesses work and we should feel empowered and proud of ourselves. And everybody else should get it too! Despite the difficulties, most Assistants LOVE what they do and when we find the right Executive to support and the right working environment we really do fly! But we have to  raise each other up.

I will continue to raise you up. I will continue to support you guys and the amazing work that you do every day. It’s not just me. There is a huge, incredibly powerful and varied support network in place for you. The resources available to you as Assistants to help you raise your game are vast. From other bloggers to publications, to Associations to conference providers, to in-house training, two global summits, to local networks, to industry awards and maverick trainers and everything else in between we are all very different in what we offer but what we have in common is clear – and that is you! We are all doing what we are doing because the need is there to help you climb that career ladder to the top (or wherever you want to go). Some of those rising up Assistants have been championing this profession when nobody else was and to them I am incredibly grateful. For all of us who speak on your behalf, we are totally privileged to be doing this.

It doesn’t stop there, you, dear readers, have to help raise each other up. To slightly adjust one of my favourite quotes ‘when Assistants support each other, incredible things can happen’. We have to support each other. If there is a group of you within your organisation, start a network, speak to each other, help each other out and support each other. Share knowledge, information and work together as a team. If you are the Executive Assistant to the CEO in your company and you have the respect of your colleagues and peers, use your position to help other Assistants within your organisation. Do they need training? Get the budget approved, speak to their Executive, speak to HR. Help those who don’t have the power that you do. Put yourself out there and help raise each other up.

Later today, I will be joining the women’s march in Barcelona to show my support for those women who do not have a voice. I hope that today you can stop your busy schedules for just a minute and see if there is someone who could use your support today. We have to raise each other up. Remember, we rise by lifting others.

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  • Annette K. Smith March 8, 2018  

    Thank you so much for this inspirational piece. I truly do believe that Together Everyone Achieves More…