I’m so excited to share with you the first group of new speakers for the Virtual Summit and their session details. We have a varied group of trainers from all over the world for the Summit who are truly inspiring. I will be sharing more of their tips and empowering stories over the next few weeks, but for now, here are our Virtual Summit October 2018 speakers:

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October’s Virtual Summit

Amanda Vinci, Founding Director of The EA Institute 

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October's Virtual Summit

We are delighted that Amanda Vinci Founding Director of The EA Institute will be speaking at the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit. She is a former EA and now coaches other EAs in high performance. Amanda is an Internationally Accredited Coach, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an Accredited EDISC Consultant and Trainer.

Amanda will be presenting on ‘Effective Listening’. As we all know communication skills are vital for Assistants. We often talk about how Assistants can communicate verbally and using body language, but we rarely talk about active listening, and in this session, Amanda will share her tips on how you can develop your active listening skills to increase productivity, decrease errors and build relationships.

Nicky Christmas, Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October's Virtual Summit

I am presenting two sessions at this October’s Virtual Summit. The first session is all about productivity tools and tips that will help you successfully manage your to-do list. As a full-time business owner and mum of two young boys, I have tried every productivity tool, tech and method to help me manage my time and get through my workload. This is my list of personal favourites that I think will help you stay on top of everything without working overtime.

My second presentation is on Effective Communication. This session will focus on what it means, for an Assistant, to be an effective communicator. Look at any job description, and you will see that this skill is in high demand. With so many different ways to communicate we need to choose the right words and tone so that our messages are conveyed correctly. In this session, I will share my tips on how Assistants can effectively communicate with their Executives so that you never hear or say ‘that’s not what I meant!’

Crystal McBride and Rebecca Farmer, Executive Assistants and Office Managers

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October's Virtual Summit

Few people would disagree that managing everything in a busy office is a very challenging job! A lot of Assistants are now doing the dual role of Office Manager and supporting at least one Executive. In this insightful panel session, Crystal McBride EA and Global Om for Stylus and Becky Farmer, EA and OM at Control Risks will share their insights and advice on productivity, dealing with conflicting priorities and managing relationships with their Executives, clients, colleagues and suppliers.

Shelley Fishel, Founder of Tomorrow’s VA

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October's Virtual Summit

Shelley Fishel has more than a dozen years of experience in helping people to get more from their computers. Shelley is highly visible on social media and has a reputation as the source of an endless stream of tips and techniques. She has a legion of raving fans who are confident that she can find a quick way to do virtually anything! In this is where her session on End Outlook Overwhelm is going to help all of us that have to deal with a neverending stream of emails. You might think you are an expert on Microsoft Outlook… Think again!

Hallie Warner and Adam Hergenrother, Chief of Staff and CEO of Adam Hergenrother Companies

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October's Virtual Summit

Having bowled us over during her Day in the Life Interview at June’s Virtual Summit, Hallie is back with her CEO Adam Hergenrother to discuss their incredibly successful partnership. They will share insights into how they work side by side to get the job done and how their organisation has seen massive improvements in culture and an increase in profits because of their shared vision. This is a session not to be missed!

Jeremy Burrows, EA at jane.ai and Founder of GoBurrows.com

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October's Virtual Summit

Another returning speaker from June’s Summit, Jeremy walks the walk and talks the talk. He knows this role and this profession inside out, and in this October’s session, he will cover how to effectively manage the most important meeting of your week – the one to one with your Boss. We are also incredibly excited to share that Jeremy is giving all of our attendees the chance to join his 30-day Assistant Challenge. Here are the details:

30 Day Assistant Challenge

What if you opened your inbox to encouraging and challenging emails to help you become a more productive and respected leader assistant in 30 days?

This is precisely what you’ll get with 30-Day Assistant Challenge from GoBurrows.com which is included as a BONUS when you sign up for the October Virtual Summit. 

Join assistants from around the world as you receive an email every weekday for 30 days that includes a bite-sized challenge you can tackle each day. Note: Challenge #1 will be sent on Monday, October 22.

The Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit

With a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions, we will bring you a brilliant day of online training, discussions, panel debates and much more.

Attendees will be able to interact with the summit content through a dedicated platform and social media channels.

All of this delivered to your desk for just £50+VAT. We also have heavily discounted group and enterprise tickets starting from £250.

To book your place just head over to our Virtual Summit webpage

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October's Virtual Summit

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