I’m pretty sure that everyone that reads Practically Perfect PA is on LinkedIn… How do I know this? Well, last year LinkedIn announced that it had over 500 million users, which makes it one of the most popular networking sites on the planet and I think everyone that is serious about their career (which I know you lot are) is signed up to LinkedIn. It is a total no-brainer, there are lots of great stuff on LinkedIn and it is the first port of call for most people looking for new roles. I would highly, highly recommend you join if you haven’t done so already… Saying all that, I am struggling to keep up to date with everything that LinkedIn has to offer, because there is so much. For me, Twitter, and Instagram are just kinda easier to follow and, dare I say it, a bit more fun?! But, as I said LinkedIn is a must for professionals so today as much as an activity for me as for you guys, I thought I would get back to basics with LinkedIn and look at some of the things you can do to engage with the platform, starting with a few simple tips. Do you want to be liked on LinkedIn? Follow these 4 simple tips.

Personalise your invitations

Tip number one, personalise the invitations that you send out to potential new connections. It is the rule that most LinkedIn experts will tell newbies to the platform straight away. The standard template for your connection requests is “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”. It is simple enough and most people will still connect with you if you use the standard template, but it doesn’t exactly make you memorable so why not try something a little more personalised? If you know the person you are connecting with, or you recently met them at an event, this is the place to remind them about yourself. If you don’t know the person at all or you only know them a little, then I suggest you check out the templates that The Muse offer on this brilliant post.

Be your genuine professional self

LinkedIn is first and foremost a network for professionals so do remember that before you post anything. Potential employers are going to see the stuff you put on there so be professional. All the time. But, it is also a great place to showcase your personality, the things you are passionate about and your opinion on what is happening in your profession and in your industry. Whenever you post anything, do think to yourself, is this relevant and does it reflect my values and my personal brand? If it does, hit that send button and share your stories.

Keep your profile update to date

You never know who is going to spot you on LinkedIn. Recruitment agencies are constantly scanning the network for their clients and of course internal recruiters are also on there. So, always keep your profile up to date. Anything that you have done that makes you look amazing (awards, blog posts, testimonials, endorsements, etc.) should be added to your profile. Here are some great profile examples that the people at LinkedIn like.

Don’t ‘over’ share

This is a tricky one because you want to share all the stuff that you find interesting on your social media platforms, but with LinkedIn, as it is a professional network, I would suggest you don’t ‘over’ share. Your employer and your potential employers can see all of your updates on LinkedIn so keep it professional and also relevant. Not sure what to share on LinkedIn? This article gives you some ideas. I would also suggest pictures from events that you’ve been too, or interesting places, your thoughts on topics that have come up in the press relating to your profession or your industry, articles from other sources that you find really helpful in your role and any trends or statistics you think people will find interesting.

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