Booking a last minute trip to an international company? Or maybe you’re managing the annual ski-trip for the entire company? We get it. Booking and managing business travel is time consuming, stressful, and let’s be honest, not always that appreciated.

That’s why we are super excited to announce that we are partnering up with TravelPerk for our  Virtual Summit in June! TravelPerk is an all-in-one platform for business travel, ensuring you can save the most amount of time while your company spends the least amount of money on booking and managing business travel.

In many cases, business travel is the second biggest spend for a company but many have no idea where it goes. TravelPerk gives you built-in travel policies and access to live reporting solving your visibility problem (trust me, your finance manager will love you for this).

Say bye to wasting time on numerous platforms searching for deals, get access to Skyscanner,, Expedia and Airbnb, all integrated into TravelPerk’s inventory of flights and hotels – the largest in the world. The best part? They are free  (crazy right?!), and unbelievably simple to implement with your company.

And if schedules change? Airlines go on strike? Your boss is vegan? Don’t worry. TravelPerk’s 24/7 in-house, 7-star rated customer support is only a phone call (an email or chat) away, ready to help you and your travellers with last minute changes and concerns.

TravelPerk takes the stress out of business travel

Just three years old, the company is now the #1 rated business travel tool for modern companies, and recently raised $21M from the investors behind companies such as Twitter, Slack and Trello.

At the Virtual Summit coming this June, TravelPerk will speak about topics such as how to select a travel management tool that best matches your company’s needs. Having built a product on feedback from people in roles just like yours, they get it, and most importantly, they got you.

TravelPerk takes the stress out of business travel

As you can tell, we are super excited to share this with you in hopes that it helps you be the best assistant possible, but let’s sum it up. Listed below are the top reasons you should look into how TravelPerk can help you and your company’s upcoming travelling.

  1. World’s largest inventory of flights and hotels
  2. Simple and quick implementation
  3. TravelPerk is 100% free
  4. In-house 24/7 customer support (call, email or chat)
  5. Easy to use
  6. Built in Travel Policies

If Kanye West was here, I’m sure he’d drop the mic… But until then, let’s just imagine life with TravelPerk 😉

TravelPerk takes the stress out of business travel

This post is sponsored by TravelPerk. Follow the link for more information about Practically Perfect PA’s sponsored posts.

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