Using a chauffeur service for your executive’s travel is often perceived as a glamorous and luxurious benefit. Whilst a good chauffeur service provider should always make the client feel this way, the reality is that corporate travel is about getting the client from A to B in the most efficient manner possible. There are numerous platforms in today’s market to book a vehicle – but the benefits of utilising a trusted and experienced chauffeur company to handle all of your executive ground transport needs will benefit you as a booker and you’re travelling executive. So, what are the benefits of using a chauffeur service? Let’s have a look…


Comfort is still widely overlooked; the comfort of a passenger’s journey should be at the forefront of every good transportation provider. With a chauffeur service, you are guaranteed a comfortable vehicle, whilst other mediums of transport may not be prioritising this.

The moment you enter the car you will be greeted by a pleasant smelling, executive interior – soft leather. You will also have free water at your disposal and a selection of light reading materials or newspapers at your disposal as well as a charging device. The chauffeur will settle you, checking your correct destination, ask you if the temperature is to your liking and if you would like any information about the route taken.

All these small elements help to put the traveller at ease and settle them into sometimes a long journey ahead.


The safety of the passenger is imperative. It starts with the chauffeur, who would have been pre-screened, background checked and licensed through their respective authority. Whilst entering the vehicle itself will be fully insured, MOT checked, licensed by the respective authority and under 2 years old – minimising the effects of any wear and tear.

The company who is providing the service will also have public liability insurance and the licence to operate chauffeur driven vehicles in their respected country.


The traveller may not always see this element; however, the PA or staff supporting them will certainly recognise the benefits. A global chauffeur service provider will be a one-stop hub for all ground transportation throughout the world.

They will be able to confirm a reservation in minutes, for London, Hong Kong, New York and any other city the client may need to visit. The booker will be issued full confirmations, driver details, vehicle make and models and meet and greet instructions at every airport or terminal, everything needed to transition a smooth meet and greet into a professional drop off at the destination.


Itemised invoices make the process of reconciling an account or credit card for expenses bearable. The booker & traveller (if necessary) will receive a full breakdown of each journey, the price and any extra service that may have been utilised. Along with this, a receipt of payment is sent directly to the booker for reconciling. This should be issued within 24 hours of the completed journey.

The role of a good chauffeur company is to put the traveller and booker at ease. Whilst it may seem easier for the traveller to hop in a taxi or an app based booking system at the airport, in reality, you may be putting the passenger at risk. If you can honestly say you have provided your boss with a comfortable, safe, punctual and efficient service – then they will certainly thank you in the future!

Total Chauffeur Service is a global ground transportation provider with its headquarters in London. The company and staff are renowned for their personal and attentive approach to each client’s requirements and provide a market leading approach both on the ground and operationally.

Range of Services

  • Business Chauffeuring – TCS provides a complete corporate service for your executives, guests and VIP travellers
  • Roadshows – TCS is a leader in the provision of Roadshow transportation for many major financial organisations.
  • Event and Conference Transport – Our experience, reach and availability covers event transport for 6 to 6000 people, globally.
  • Worldwide Services – We can provide a competitive chauffeur service in over 300 cities worldwide
  • Airport Transfers – TCS offers competitively priced airport transfer services to all major global airports

Service Offerings

  • Personal, 24/7 reservation access
  • Fast and efficient booking confirmations
  • Access to our global network (Trusted and regulated partner base) in over 300 cities globally.
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Event transport co-ordinator at no extra cost
  • Meet and greet chauffeur service with every journey
  • Fresh Water in every vehicle
  • Invoice consolidation – fast and efficient invoicing after every service.
  • Event Staff – Greeters, Hosts/Hostesses, Airport Co-ordinator

If you would like to discuss your future ground transportation requirements, please contact Daniel Jones. +44(0)7502276303.

What are the benefits of using a chauffeur service?

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