Is it just me or does it feel like your boss expects more and more from you? I love the challenge this brings but jeez, sometimes it’s beyond difficult to bring more to the table than I already do – I, mean, I like to think I’m already perfect! I thought I’d share some of my top tips to impress the boss – hopefully, there will be a nugget in here that helps you shine too…

Perfectly Prepped Meetings

If you create an amazing ‘thought of everything’ agenda for all of your boss’ meetings, their meetings will be 100% more effective, and they’ll have you to thank for it.

The perfect agenda should include:

  • a list of topics to be covered
  • a brief description of the meeting’s objectives
  • a list of people attending the meeting
  • who will address each topic
  • the time and location of the meeting
  • timings for each agenda item
  • any background information participants need to know about the subject

The Gift of Time

Help your boss have quicker and more efficient meetings, and they’ll REALLY thank you for it. I’ve just won huge kudos from my boss, (who in turn has shared with his boss and got a big pat on the back) by sharing these three super-simple ideas:

Stand Up

Conduct meetings where all the attendees stand up – no sitting allowed! It’s a fact that attendees become more engaged, more collaborative and less territorial when they participate in a meeting that involves standing. In fact, in a study of stand-up meetings vs seated, the stand-up groups took 34% less time making decisions, with no real difference in the quality of the decision.

Kidnap Devices

Suggest they create a parking spot for phones and/or laptops in their meetings, and ensure it’s used without exception. It is estimated that employees who use smartphones and computers are distracted on average every 10 minutes, which in turn slows down the meeting. Unless the computer is absolutely necessary for the meeting, park it.

Clock Watch

Buy them a tabletop clock, which can be used in all their meetings, positioned for everyone to see. Alongside a timed agenda (that you’ve created for them, as above!) they’ll be able to keep everyone focused and can prevent attendees, going off on a tangent or just droning on! They’ll also start to find that attendees come better prepared for future meetings, making them even more efficient. Win-win!

Shopping Around

Everyone knows to shop around when it comes to booking events, accommodation, catering etc. right?! On one such little research session, I discovered a gem – a very surprising gem at that – that will save you, your boss, in fact, your whole business time AND money, every single time… Travelodge Business.

Yes, Travelodge.

I must confess I too immediately thought motel next to Little Chef on the A457 to nowhere, but that is SO not what they are any more – they are smart, clean, really well equipped, located in city centres & literally everywhere, have 2 room options (Standard and SuperRooms), and there’s 550 of them!

But that’s not the best bit.

They are by far the best value in the marketplace (despite being so well equipped and well located) and if your company books 25 or more hotel rooms a year, then you can join Travelodge Business – FOR FREE! You get an extra 5% off room rates (which you can use for your leisure stays too), account management support, a super smart booking system that remembers everyone’s details and will produce every report you could possibly need. And yes, this is all FREE!

So there you go – get involved folks, and you too could be everyone’s favourite… Shine on!

This post is sponsored by Travelodge Business. Follow the link for more information about Practically Perfect PA’s sponsored posts.

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