Today, I’m so excited to share the news that the Future Assistant full programme is live and kicking! I’m so excited to share the final programme with you. We’ve pulled together a whole load of amazing speakers who are creating the most wonderful, thought provoking, practical and seriously butt kicking content for you guys!

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Are you the game changer in your business?

In this ever-changing corporate landscape, the need for skilled EA’s has never been greater. Massive changes in infrastructure and global boom and bust over the last 30 years has seen the EA role develop from simply administrative support to someone key to the prosperity and success of any business. In this session, Lucy will share her wealth of knowledge on what it takes for EAs to be the game changers in their organisation and stay ahead of change.

Lucy Chamberlain, Founder C&C Search

Leading from behind

In the fast pace world of business today the role of the PA/EA often extends far beyond the profile norm.

Whether initiating or chairing meetings or organising conferences the modern PA/EA assumes more responsibility than ever before. But where do we draw the line between assisting, managing – and leading?  More importantly, how do we invite recognition, reward and remuneration for the value we are bringing to the company?

Catherine Arden’s ‘Leading from Behind’ workshop explores and clarifies these points while addressing how, in a corporate world of predominantly, alpha male leadership style, you might be more comfortable, equally, steadily and authentically –  leading from behind!

Catherine Arden Theatre Director, Trainer, Speaker

The new Assistant skill – Managing staff

Many Assistants now also manage staff, have their own Assistant and act as leaders within their organisation. In this workshop we will look at the skills needed to successfully manage a team.

Hira Ali, Advancing Your Potential

Stepping up being heard in meetings

As Assistants become more integral to the business they will find themselves in meetings with their Executives, in meetings with their project teams and colleagues and of course running their own meetings. In this session we will look at how Assistant can actively participate in meetings, ‘lean in’ and make themselves heard. This session is for every Assistant that has come out a meeting frustrated that they didn’t make the comment or voice their opinion.

Janine Roberts, Managing Director J9 Consulting & Executive Coaching

Will AI take over the role of an Assistant? A conversation with

We all know that Artificial Intelligence is coming, we just don’t know what kind of impact it will have on the role of Assistants. What we do know for sure is that there are many technology companies that claim to function as your Personal Assistant. is one such company. In this session we will talk to the people behind the AI Assistants to understand how they work, the benefits, and what they mean to the future role of the human Assistant.

Allison Schneider, Enterprise Sales Manager at

Processes and Apps for Productivity

One of the most important aspect of the PA role is to save our Executive’s time. Saving our Executive time means they can spend that time on making the organisation more successful. There are loads of different ways we can save our Executive’s time and in this session, we will look at a whole range of tips and tricks that will not only make you more productive but help keep your boss on track, free of distractions and productive!

Liz Hardwick, Co-Founder of DigiEnable

Download the Future Assistant Conference Programme

If you are yet to book your place on the Future Assistant Conference, which remember is also taking place online this year, you can head over to the conference website to check out all the information.

You can download the conference programme here.

The Conference takes place on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th February 2018 at Proud Camden and online. We can’t wait o see you there.

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