Today’s technology of the week: Zoom. Here are all the details…

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based system which provides users with a video-conferencing and online meeting service along with webinars and file sharing functions.

Technology of the week: Zoom

What does it do?

Zoom has a number of features. You can use it for simple video-conferencing in your meeting rooms or on your computer. The audio and video are both in HD, and anyone can join in a Zoom call, even if they don’t have an account. You can share your screen, use a touch screen, share documents and control the meeting from one central point. Zoom also supports online meetings for up to 500 participants and live webinars. The basic package is free and then moves to paid plans, depending on your needs.

Why does it benefit Assistants?

If something goes wrong with a video-conference call or an online meeting, you know who will be the first person in the office notified? No… not IT. It will be the nearest Assistant to the meeting room. So, Assistants need to know that their online meeting technology is reliable and that it is easy to manage. Zoom has both those qualities. It works, it is good quality, and it is easy to use.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA tech of the week?

Having finally given up on Skype, I am trying different video-conferencing software for Practically Perfect PA, and so far I’ve been pretty impressed with Zoom.