Today’s technology of the week: Scanbot. Here are all the details…

What is Scanbot?

Scanbot is the easiest and fastest way to create high-quality scans with your iPhone, iPad or Android device. It is free to use, although there is a pro version which enables users to produce edit-ready documents.

Technology of the week: Scanbot

What does it do?

Scanbot is an app available for both Apple and Android devices that lets you scan a whole load of documents, including, QR Codes, barcodes, labels, whiteboards, business cards, sketchbooks, receipts, written documents, reports, magazines, books and much more. The quality of the image is fantastic and the app detects the difference between the document and the surface it has been placed on (so no need to draw a border like some scanning apps ask users to do).

You can save your document as a PDF or JPEG and the app allows instant upload to most major cloud-based services, including DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud and SharePoint.

Hay and guess what? Hello, 1990! You can even use Scanbot to send a … FAX!

Technology of the week: Scanbot

Why does it benefit Assistants?

Well, we scan a lot of stuff and having a good scanner on your phone saves a lot of time and the need to spend hours at the office scanner machine where you will inevitably be interrupted and asked about toner… Along with the scanning software the pro app also allows for edit-ready documents so this app is great if you need to make changes to an old PDF or you have taken meeting notes and want to type them up super quick. The technology is perfect for that task but it is good enough that you can scan the notes and then work through correcting the errors, rather than typing the whole thing from scratch.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA tech of the week?

I think this is the best scanning app that I’ve used. The picture quality is really good, I like that you can easily upload it to DropBox and create documents that can be easily edited. I use it instead of the scanner I have in the office.