Today’s Technology of the week: Envoy. Here are the details:

What is Envoy?

Envoy is a cloud-based visitor management system for your office or reception area. It is compatible with iOS and usually runs from an iPad.

What does Envoy do?

Envoy has a lot of features but simply the system allows visitors to enter their details onto an iPad, take their photo and print off a badge automatically. Using the software you can also track who is in your office and receive notifications when your visitor has arrived at the front desk. Staff are able to add their visitors to the database (via the platform or their app), which means no longer calling down to reception to add a visitor to a manual list. If visitors have to sign any legal paperwork they can do this via the app and users can send pre-arrival details to any visitors including a map of the office location.

Why does it benefit Assistants?

Managing visitors to the office is something that Assistants have to do a lot, and often they also have to either help with reception work or are actually also the receptionist. Envoy is a really great product o help streamline the reception process.

Why is it Tech of the Week?

Anything that can help a time-draining process, like visitors arriving at reception, is going to make it on to our tech of the week and Envoy solves this problem beautifully.