Today’s Technology of the week: PandaDoc. Here are the details:

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is an all in one platform that helps you streamline your sales process. It allows users to create sales documents online, from proposals through to contracts and collect digital signatures.

Technology of the week: PandaDoc

What does PandaDoc do?

PandaDoc has a whole load of features that help businesses streamline the process of document creation for clients. Using the platform you can create an online sales document, collaborate with your team on the document, send it to the potential client and collect their e-signature once completed. The platform integrates with all of the standard CRM systems and payment platforms.

Technology of the week: PandaDoc

Why does it benefit Assistants?

Assistants will often be asked to work on the documentation that goes with winning new clients. They will collate and collaborate on contracts, pitches, proposals and reports. Keeping track of these documents and trying to get all of the relevant people to sign the paperwork can be really time-consuming. PandaDoc streamlines this process, it keeps everything in one place, it has a great reporting function and it integrates with the CRM system making the Assistant’s role much easier!

Technology of the week: PandaDoc

Why is it Tech of the Week?

Technology that helps remove unnecessary admin tasks are the future and PandaDoc does just that for the sales process. if you work for a Startup that is pitching for a lot of business PandaDoc is well worth checking out.