Today’s Technology of the week: Hipmunk. Here are all the details…

What is Hipmunk?

Hipmunk is a website and app that helps you plan travel from searching for flights and hotels to airbnb apartments, ground transport and everything in between.

Technology of the week: Hipmunk

What does it do?

There are a lot of search engine based website and apps that help you with all your business travel plans, but very few get the absolute raves that Hipmunk does. Why? Well, it is really, really easy to use if you just want to do a simple flight search. If you have something a little more complicated you can email in your schedule and their bots will reply with detailed suggestions. You can integrate your Google Calendar with the platform and they will notify you about flight costs as your trip approaches. Hipmunk is on Facebook Messenger, Slack and Skype making it very easy to communicate with them. You can also set up customised searches and you can save trips that your Executive does all the time, so you don’t have to put in the same details over and over.

Why does it benefit Assistants?

We book a lot of travel so anything that helps makes the whole process easier is total gold. Most of us use a search engine website for our travel bookings. If you haven’t used Hipmunk before, it is worth a try.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s tech of the week?

I am always travelling back and forth from Barcelona to London and I love that I can save that search on Hipmunk and it will just bring up the appropriate flights. Also, linking my Google Calendar has really helped me remember that I need to get hose flights booked! I do love a bit of automation!