Today’s Technology of the week: Get The Flight Out. Here are all the details…

What is Get The Flight Out?

Get the Flight Out is a website that scours the internet for cheap, low-cost, often short lived airfares from airports in the United States.

Tech of the week: Get The Flight Out

What does it do?

Basically the guys behind Get the Flight Out look for cheap airfares on the internet and then tell their subscribers about the deal. They don’t cover a huge amount of airports but if you are US based or you book a lot of travel around the States it is well worth signing up to their newsletter. Deals are also published on their website and on their app (only available in the US). The airports they cover include Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas and Chicago.

Why does it benefit Assistants?

If you work for a super thrifty organisation and you are tasked with saving the business money (and who isn’t?) then it is well worth checking out Get the Flight Out because they do seem to find really great deals (real deals on real airlines going to real airports!)

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s tech of the week?

Firstly, I really like the name! Secondly, I am always on the look out for good flight deals and found this website to be really useful for some internal flights in the States. If you are based in the States, I ‘d suggest you download the app, for everyone else, sign up to the newsletter.