I hope you enjoy our key skills roundup for 2018. We focussed really heavily this year on increasing our content around the key skills Assistants need to develop in their role this year. We covered a lot of skills including minute taking, event management, organising business travel, project management and everything in between! Here are our picks from this year’s key skills content.

Key skills roundup for 2018

Project Management 101: Getting to grips with MS Project

26th February 2018

At the recent Future Assistant conference, we held a session on Project Management for beginners. It was a really popular session and it made me think that we could do a lot more blog posts on project management, particularly as so many of you are working on your own projects and in supporting project teams. Read more here. 

So, you’ve been asked to start a blog for your business… Where do you start?

16th March 2018

It would seem that most businesses these days have a blog on their website and it is becoming a key skill for office workers to have. It makes sense, blogs are an effective way to get messages, content and news out to customers. Read more here. 

Standard replies to frequent email requests

6th April 2018

So I’ve been using Gmail for…. A LONG time… And last week I finally got around to having a look at some of the features that will help me keep on top of my emails. Gmail has loads and I will share these with you in another blog post soon. Read more here. 

How to chase requests at work without annoying people

24th May 2018

Picture the scene. You’ve asked somebody that you work with to do something for you or your Executive. You need their input on the task before you can move on with your work. Read more here.

25 tools for managing social media accounts

4th September 2018

Many Assistants are being asked to look after their Executive’s online profiles and their organisation’s social media messaging. It can be a time-consuming task that requires some thought because social media platforms change so rapidly. Read more here.

Managing someone else’s calendar

26th September 2018

Managing someone else’s calendar. You know how it is. You are managing your boss or client’s Inbox and/or Calendar. They want you to set up meetings on their behalf and they don’t want the bother of accepting them – they would prefer you to receive the meeting responses. Read more here.

Expense Management Process

27th November 2018

Collecting and processing expenses is not fun. There I’ve said it – call me controversial if you like but I stand by my statement! In fact, I’ll go further as to say processing expenses can be an absolute time zapper for Assistants. So what can we do to make this tiresome task less of a time drain? Read more here.

Practical PAs

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