Your boss comes to you and tells you that you need to book the travel for 100 people for a Winter getaway, and it needs to be done by next week… eek! Where do you even start? Well, there are two options:

1. Book it yourself.

You could always waste several hours searching multiple websites for a combination of the best deals on flights and accommodation. Airbnb… or hotel? Flight… or train? Sigh…there are too many options to choose from!

Then you’ll have to individually book each passengers’ trip details, and when you get round to booking the last group of travellers, of course, there won’t be enough seats on the flight, so they’ll need to be booked on a separate one.

Then a change will inevitably need to be made to a flight, but because you didn’t book flexible tickets, you’ll have to start over! It’s a long, laborious and stressful process. Not only does it cost everybody energy and collaboration time, it also steals precious amounts of your sleep.

However, there is another option.

2. Use a travel management company.

They take the stress off your hands by doing all the legwork for you, freeing up your time to concentrate on other things. Our recommendation: TravelPerk.

We’re working together to bring the best of group booking to you. They have their own in-house expert Giacomo who can handle anything from extra large-sized parties to groups coming from different starting locations. Read his tips and how he goes above and beyond for customers here. If you’re wondering why exactly you should you use TravelPerk for your group bookings, these are just some of the best reasons:

  • Rates you can’t get anywhere else. They have relationships with airlines and hotels and will be able to gain access to rates that you can’t. They’re also experts in negotiating group rates, saving you money and a lot of hassle.
  • Dedicated 24/7 trip support for an unlimited number of travellers. With an amazing customer support team – who not only cover issues with your flight and hotel but also anything else they’ve planned for you – you know that they always have your back.
  • All the little details are taken care of. Your travel concierge goes the extra mile. Free breakfasts for your travellers, team activity booking, conference room booking and more.

And guess what!

TravelPerk are currently offering a SPECIAL PROMOTION – they will organise your group booking trips FOR FREE.

All you need to do is fill in your details using this link and Giacomo will get in contact.

This post is sponsored by TravelPerk. Follow the link for more information about Practically Perfect PA’s sponsored posts.

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