Drum roll please…. Today I am letting you all know that you can now book your place on this summer’s Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit! Hurrah!! High fives all round. Following the success of last year’s first Virtual Summit (and by that I mean the first ever Virtual Summit for Assistants around the world) we are doing it all again this year. But it is going to be bigger, better and all round more fantastic. So, get ready for the Virtual Summit Summer 2018!

What can you expect?

For those of you that are new to Practically Perfect PA or missed last year’s Summit, let me give you a little bit of background.

For the last few years I have been organising events in London and occasionally other parts of the UK. We have always tried to make the events a little different to other conferences in the industry and we have always had good feedback from our efforts. But, with the Virtual Summit we really wanted to do something completely unique!

I always wanted to include the Practically Perfect PA readers from other countries in our events, but I know realistically it is very difficult to get your Manager to sign off the cost of a conference let along travel and accomodation in London! So that is why we invented the Virtual Summit.

What is a Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit is an online event with presentations and speakers, similar to a “physical” conference. However, there is no “physical” event taking place. Everything happens online. Attending is easy, so much easier than attending a physical event. You can “attend” from your home, your office or a cafe. All you need is your device, good wifi and earphones / speakers. You will also have access to post Summit recording for a whole three months. So, if you missed anything, you can view it again in your own time and at your own pace.

You can access all of the amazing content right from your desk – wherever that happens to be in the world!

We also want to provide our unique content to you at a price that is reasonable and accessible for all assistants.

The Virtual Summit is a full day conference for the price of £50.

That is a full day’s worth of career development, key skills training, online networking and industry updates for £50… Yup!

We also have our amazing Hub ticket, which basically gives all of the Assistants within your organisation a chance to come together for the day and enjoy the Virtual Summit in the comfort of your own office for just £250. An Internal training course for £250??! Yup, you heard me right!

The summit programme

We are in the early stages of the programme planning, but this is a sneaky peak at what to expect!

Over the course of the day we will bring you amazing training and career development on the following topics:

  • Panel Session: The ups and downs of working for multiple Executives
  • Day in the life of the world’s top level Assistants
  • Getting to grips with business travel plans
  • How to handle the office move
  • Making the most of networking to get stuff done
  • Taking control of your career development
  • Panel Session: Working in the inner circle. Creating an effective working relationship with your Executive
  • Interview with high flying Assistants and their Executives
  • Matching and exceeding expectations
  • Managing a last minute event
  • Creating awesome presentations
  • Managing up
  • Negotiating a pay rise
  • Productivity tips for Assistants

We already have some amazing speakers confirmed, so check out the website for more information on the programme.

Sign me up!

You really don’t want to miss out on the Virtual Summit. Last year we had 500 Assistants sign up and we are expecting to double that this time around so why not head over to the Virtual Summit website and join 100s of your peers from all over the world for this incredible training day.

Get ready for the Virtual Summit Summer 2018

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