We are almost there with the full programme for the Future Assistant Conference, and I will release all the details next week, but in the meantime, I thought I would introduce you to our next group of incredible speakers including the world’s leading futurist and Editor at Large of Wired Magazine. Ben Hammersley is the kind of speaker that Chief Executive’s want to listen to because he really does understand how technology and specifically artificial intelligence will shape the future of business. If you want to know the future of your role, this is the conference for you! 

Ben Hammersely, Futurist, Journalist, TV presenter and Keynote Speaker

Do you want to know the future of your role?

So, I have an interesting tale to tell you guys about Ben. Four year’s ago we were running our very first Assist Conference in a small venue called the Proud Archivist. At the time, Ben was having his lunch in the same place. He saw that the conference was going on, had a look at the programme, saw our funky floppy disk badges and sent a tweet out to his thousands of followers that he was impressed with the event. It is fair to say that Ben isn’t our usual social media follower so we had a quick look at his profile and couldn’t believe that he was impressed with our event, considering his background!

Anyway, we kept in touch and now we are unbelievably excited to announce that Ben is going to speak at our Future Assistant Conference. He is the go to person when it comes to AI and how this new technoogy will affect businesses. In 2018, he is going to focus specfically on how AI will benefit Executive performance. This is exactly what we want our conference attendees to hear. I know that many of you are concerned about AI and how it will affect the PA role. We have the world’s leading expert at the conference to tell us exactly what to expect. This really isn’t to be missed. Here is Ben in action at last year’s TNW Conference.

Lucy Chamberlain, Founder of C&C Search

Do you want to know the future of your role?

Many of you will have met Lucy in her capacity as Founder of the recruitment company C&C Search. She is incredibly passionate about the Assistant profession and ensuring that her clients get placed in the right role and with the right Executive. In other words – she gets it! In her session ‘Are you the game changer in your business?’, Lucy will share her wealth of knowledge on what it takes for Assistants to be the game changers in their organisation and stay ahead of change.

Catherine Arden, Theatre Director and Trainer

Do you want to know the future of your role?

In the fast pace world of business today the role of the PA/EA often extends far beyond the profile norm.

Whether initiating or chairing meetings or organising conferences the modern PA/EA assumes more responsibility than ever before. But where do we draw the line between assisting, managing – and leading?  More importantly. how do we invite recognition, reward and remuneration for the value we are bringing to the company?

Catherine Arden’s ‘Leading from Behind’ workshop explores and clarify these points while addressing how, in a corporate world of predominantly, alpha male leadership style, you might be more comfortable, equally, steadily and authentically –  leading from behind!

Jo Wimble Groves, Co-owner of Active Digital and leader for women in business

Do you want to know the future of your role?

This session is all about empowering women because, 99% of the Practically Perfect PA community are female and let’s face it it feels good to be empowered. Jo is incredibly passionate about women in business and what it takes to succeed in male dominated environments. In Jo’s session we will look at the future for women in the workplace, flexibility with working hours and work/life balance, the wage gap, career breaks and retirement. We will talk about how women can break the glass ceiling, close the gender pay-gap and what organisations can do to support their female employees.

Janine Roberts, Managing Director J9 Consulting & Executive Coaching

Do you want to know the future of your role?

I heard Janine speak many year’s ago at a conference I helped to organise with Gallus Events. She is an exceptional speaker and motivator and I am so pleased she will be speaking to the Future Assistant Attendees. As Assistants become more integral to the business they will find themselves in meetings with their Executives, in meetings with their project teams and colleagues and of course running their own meetings. In this session Janine will look at how assistant can actively participate in meetings, ‘lean in’ and make themselves heard. This session is for every assistant that has come out a meeting frustrated that they didn’t make the comment or voice their opinion. Trust me, Janine will leave you with the confidence to ace your next meeting!

So that is just some of the amazing Future Assistant speakers. I hope you are as excited by their content as I am! If you would like to attend we have a few options for you. You can of course come along to the conference, which is taking place at the very cool Proud Camden on the 8th and 9th February 2018, or you can attend online anywhere around the world with access to the stream content (and a full month to view the post event recording). For more information and to book your place head over to the Future Assistant website.

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