During 2018 we delved into everything from influencing, productivity, resilience, rapport building and a whole load of competencies that Assistants need to thrive in the role. Here are just a few of our highlights from this year including videos from our recent Virtual Summit. Please enjoy our competencies for Assistants roundup for 2018.

Competencies for Assistants roundup for 2018

Assistants are their organisation’s influencers

20th February 2018

Over the last few weeks, I have spent quite a bit of time reviewing my social media strategy for 2018 which basically means I’ve been reading a lot about how to be an influencer on all the different platforms. Read more here.

20 ways to impress your Executive

19th March 2018

A few years ago I had a really brilliant mentor. She started working for my organisation just a few months before I started, but she had been working for my Executive for a few years and had followed her from their previous firm. They had a brilliant relationship and my Executive completely trusted her and actually suggested her as my mentor. When I sat down for our first meeting together, my mentor gave me a piece of advice that I always followed in my EA career. She said that I have to go out of my way to impress my Executive. Read more here.

Five prioritising tips for PAs

11th April 2018

You know when you’ve just got an absolute load of stuff on your plate and you have no idea where to begin? Yeah, I can see you nodding – hello, isn’t every day like that?! I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately, so what tends to happen is that nothing gets done. Read more here.

The road to strategic thinking

16th April 2018

In today’s blog post I’ve adapted the presentation I gave at the Future Assistant Conference back in February. The title of the session was ‘The road to strategic thinking’. Read more here.

The ultimate guide to creating a successful Executive and EA partnership

6th August 2018

Over the last few years, I have written a lot about creating a successful Executive and EA partnership. It is the key relationship for Assistants and the one part of the role that you have to get right. Without a successful partnership, the work just becomes that much tougher. Read more here. 

6 things to stop doing in your one to one

15th August 2018

For Assistants, the time they spend with their Executive in a one to one setting is so necessary and enables them to get on with all the tasks that require just that little bit of input from their boss. Read more here. 

Productivity tools and tips for Assistants

29th August 2018

During October’s Virtual Summit I will be showing our attendees 20 pieces of technology that can help with productivity for Assistants. As we have so much to do and the workload is never ending I thought I would share my productivity tools and tips for Assistants. Read more here. 

Assistant, You are a Leader

7th September 2018

For years, I thought leaders were the ones in charge or the ones with essential titles. It turns out, everyone has influence and is a leader to those around them – even if they don’t acknowledge it. Read more here.

Building rapport with a remote boss

13th September 2018

Building rapport with a remote boss is something that many of us are going to have to contemplate in our roles. Many of you are already working with a remote boss, and in the future, it is going to become more common that you will support an Executive who is even on the road constantly. Read more here. 

How to thrive, not just survive as an Assistant

1st November 2018

Let’s face it, we all know that sometimes you can have the best day at work when you feel on top of the world and you are high-fiving your teammates and CEOs… and sometimes you want to throw your resignation at the first person you see in the office and run as fast as you. Read more here. 

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Competencies for Assistants roundup for 2018

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